Answer to Prayer

Answer to Prayer

I love the name of your eating plan and I praise God for all His goodness in answering more abundantly then I could have ever imagined a prayer I prayed. During the summer of 2009 I was sharing with God my discouragement with food and nutrition. I was following a high protein eating plan but just hated all the meat I was eating on that plan. I felt like a hypocrite when I prayed and asked the Lord to bless this animal flesh to my body. Eating all that animal flesh just didn’t feel right and made me feel bad. So I prayed ‘Please Lord teach me how you want me to eat. I am tired of shopping based on flavor and price. I wish I could have a chart on the nutrients my body needed so that I could know in what foods I could find those nutrients.’ Well, God arranged for me to house sit for a brother who told me to eat all the fresh garden produce raw, before it spoil. I did what he said, stopped eating all the meat, and began to feel really good and had refreshing energy. Then God arranged for me to obtain a copy of Rev. Malkmus’ God’s Way to Ultimate Health book and in it I found the eating plan I had asked the Lord in prayer to reveal to me. So here I am today feeling refreshed, calm, and relaxed, feeling so blessed and loved by my Saviour. So thank you for putting all the information in a way that I could transition myself and my family into a healthier way of life. I am also glad your book God’s Way to Ultimate Health is a lot simpler to follow than trying to evaluate each food based on some manmade chart. I am greatly blessed by the work of the Hallelujah Acres ministry. Thank you to everyone there at Hallelujah Acres for all that you do in helping fellow Christians learn of God’s Way to Ultimate Health. Chauna

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