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Getting Started Meal Plan

If You're Ready To Jump Into The Hallelujah Diet, You've Come To The Right Place.

We've laid out every single step for getting started.

• What foods should you cut out from your diet?
• What foods should you add?
• Our Meal Planner helps you plan your meals in practical ways.

Download the HD Meal Planner

With the Meal Planner, you will learn how to:

• Introduce more foods that love your body
• Take out foods that harm your health
• Plan your meals with the HD supplements

Purchase The Simple Weekly Meal Plans Book

Featuring 28 days worth of quick, delicious, full course meal recipes:

• Each week's menu includes a comprehensive grocery list - no surprises
• Helpful prep tips and suggestions for healthy food substitutesSpecial occasion recipes for each season

Enjoy Some Of Our Favorites...

Lemon Tahini Nut Balls

Lemon Tahini Nut Balls

Add a sesame seed flair to irresistible nut balls with creamy tahini. This nut ball recipe is not overly sweet, so makes a welcome mid-day pick-me-up. Make your holidays special with these tangy, c...
Quick Leafy Greens Blended Salad

Quick Leafy Greens Blended Salad

Want a copious amount of leafy greens in your diet, make this easy blended beverage.
Cauliflower Rice Medley
Main Dishes

Cauliflower Rice Medley

A flavorful mix of vegetables that creates a superb dish for any discriminating palate.

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