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Getting Started Meal Plan

If You're Ready To Jump Into The Hallelujah Diet, You've Come To The Right Place.

We've laid out every single step for getting started.

• What foods should you cut out from your diet?
• What foods should you add?
• Our Meal Planner helps you plan your meals in practical ways.

Download the HD Meal Planner

With the Meal Planner, you will learn how to:

• Introduce more foods that love your body
• Take out foods that harm your health
• Plan your meals with the HD supplements

Purchase The Simple Weekly Meal Plans Book

Featuring 28 days worth of quick, delicious, full course meal recipes:

• Each week's menu includes a comprehensive grocery list - no surprises
• Helpful prep tips and suggestions for healthy food substitutesSpecial occasion recipes for each season

Enjoy Some Of Our Favorites...

Kale Reigns Juice

Kale Reigns Juice

Many times, kale and collards have thick fibrous stems. The stems, and even the leaves, can make a smoothie rather thready in texture. Those sturdy stems, however, are perfect to juice. Straight ka...
Cabbage Overtones Juice

Cabbage Overtones Juice

The cruciferous family of vegetables is a good source of sulfur which the body uses to remove toxins from cells. Sometimes people find hard, raw cruciferous vegetables hard to digest. Take the burd...
Let Freedom Ring Berry Delight

Let Freedom Ring Berry Delight

At Hallelujah Diet, the goal is to empower our miraculous self-healing, so it can be set free from sickness. The body is designed to heal itself, but toxic foods must be eliminated and replaced wit...

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