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Why More Than 10,000 People Have Become Health Ministers

Hallelujah Diet’s Health Ministers program is comprehensive in scope, providing in-depth and actionable information and insights into the principles and benefits of the Hallelujah Diet—including which raw foods to eat, supplements to take and which exercises do the most good.

Health Ministers hail from every U.S. state and 50 countries around the world. Roughly one third of Hallelujah Diet’s Health Ministers meet one of the following descriptions:

Teach Others to Live The Hallelujah Diet!

Health Minister Training prepares you to bring The Hallelujah Diet message of hope and self-healing to your family, friends, church and community. The Hallelujah Diet can help anyone live a healthier, longer and vibrant life.

More than 10,000 Health Ministers just like you are spreading the message of The Hallelujah Diet in every state in the United States and in over 50 countries around the world:

  • 1. They want the knowledge, insights and products to achieve optimal health for them personally.
  • 2. They want to gain the knowledge to help their friends and families to restore and maintain healthy living and nurture the body’s natural self-healing power.
  • 3. They want to hold classes in their churches, conduct food prep classes, become personal health coaches or consultants, or even start an online business or a juice/meal delivery service.

What Do You Learn?

The first half of the program focuses on how to optimize healthy living—for you and for others you may wish to coach. This includes:

  • The five killer foods with verifying research
  • How toxicity and nutrient deficiency cause sickness
  • How living nutrients restore and maintain optimal health at the cellular level—including the importance of enzymatic activity and juicing
  • What supplementation is needed and how much
  • How to address the risk or existence of cancer, diabetes, candida, IBS and other diseases and illnesses
  • Food preparation—how to eat to live well

The second half of the program focuses on how to apply what you have learned to help others. This can be done either informally with family, friends and perhaps members of your community, or in a “bigger” way if you want to tap into the business potential that thousands of Health Ministers have pursued.

Topics include:

  • Helping others to eat well and live a healthy, vibrant life
  • Educating people on the importance of real nutrition
  • Teaching the self-healing message of the Hallelujah Diet
  • Providing practical, hands-on application of how to eat a superior diet
  • Coaching people on how to maintain this diet in life situations such as travel, special occasions and church functions

It’s Easy to Become a Health Minister

Spend two to three hours a day over no more than six weeks to master the complete Health Minister program, which is mostly video based and easy to understand. Many people who have completed the training—typically in four to five weeks—are inspired to do more than when they started. Few emerge from training the same person they were when they began.

“I would recommend this training because it is powerful information that would equip anyone who is interested in sharing the good news of health.”
– Jerry D.

“I think the information is so thorough and strengthening. Also, I think it’s fun”
– Kristy A

“I would recommend this training to others. First of all, this training is Biblically based. Additionally, I appreciate the true-life experiences the people have to offer in regards to a diet and lifestyle change. In my opinion, bringing in the scientific research linked to a diet of raw, living foods, proper supplements and lifestyle change which helps the body to heal, is a complete package. Therefore, I would recommend this training to others whole-heartedly.”
– Connie V

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