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Why Should You Care About Your Food And Supplements?

It’s all about the enzymes.

Without question, enzyme-rich foods are critical for outstanding health. Living Foods (determined by enzyme activity) are so vital that, without them, life would cease to exist.

Why Raw FoodsWhy Raw Foods


What happens when people don’t consume enough enzyme-rich raw foods? They walk around in what Werner Kollath called mesotrophy. They don’t look sick but inside the disease processes are slowly advancing and getting ready to squeeze the vitality and health right out of them.

Cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, arthritis, and all other chronic degenerative diseases don’t happen suddenly. They sneak up on you until one day you get a diagnosis and you wonder what went wrong.

However, you need more concentrated nutrition reaching your cellular level than you could possibly get from our commercially grown, nutrient-deficient foods coming from depleted soils.

That’s why you need supplemental nutrition beyond raw food. But, is your “raw” whole-food supplement actually raw? If not, your body won’t receive the full value of vitamins and minerals in the food and other beneficial elements: healthy bacteria, essential oils and phytonutrients.

Enzyme-Rich Raw Foods Are A Non-Negotiable Element Of Your Daily Diet.

Raw Food Lab

The only way to ensure that your body has ample resources for carrying out the innate self-healing within is by consuming raw foods and carefully preserved raw foods that haven’t been stripped of their vitality, demonstrated by high levels of enzymatic activity to effect real change inside your body.

In other words, if the enzymes in your whole-food supplement have been destroyed, you are wasting your money. But how do you know which whole-food supplement will provide you maximum benefit?

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