We tested dozens of similar products to determine which ones offer live enzymes that flourish in large quantities.


The test results show that Hallelujah Diet’s BarleyMax offers one of the highest amounts of health-boosting enzymes on the market. Not only does BarleyMax offer a rich volume of enzymes, it was also formulated so that the living nutrients can easily and readily benefit the body.


The first 5 products are top tier products. Three of them are BarleyMax. Only the Raw Green Grass from Juvo and Just Barley from Pure Planet are in the same category with BarleyMax. The second ones (in green for Average Rank) are mid-tier—they aren’t really good or just awful. The 2 orange products have a tiny bit of enzyme activity in them. The red labeled products at the bottom are almost completely devoid of enzyme activity.

Test Highlights:

Note: U/G stands for units of enzyme activity per gram of powder. Also, the particular enzymes measured were chosen as markers of overall enzyme activity.

  • For Acid-Phosphatase, BarleyMax scored 41.2 U/g, almost twice as high as BarleyLife Traditional (AIM).
  • For Alpha-Mannosidase, BarleyMax scored 160 U/100 g, more than 60 points higher than BarleyLife Traditional.
  • For Beta-Glucosidase, BarleyMax scored 7.72 U/100 g, more than 300% higher than BarleyGreen from YH Int’l.
  • For Leucine-Amino-Peptidase, BarleyMax scored 120 U/100 g, more than double the result of BarleyLife Traditional.
  • For N-acetyl-Beta-D-glucosaminidase, BarleyMax scored 110 U/100 g, nearly three times better than BarleyLife Traditional.


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