Women's Retreat A Great Success

Women's Retreat A Great Success

The best yet! Get all the exciting details from this year's Women's Retreat — and a sneak peek at next year's event!
This past Thursday evening our auditorium was almost full with ladies coming from 30 different states in the United States as well as several other countries including Mexico and the Republic of Congo. We had a number of women who brought along their teenage daughters so we had quite a diverse group! Ages ranged from 13 to 88. The three-day retreat began with a half-hour of gospel songs by Bud and Barbara Lee. The Lees’ unique artistry and soul-stirring musical expressions presented an unforgettable worship experience. Jackie Pegram, in full time-period garb, followed the Lees. Her Biblical impression of Abraham's wife, Sarah, included how her lineage led to the birth of our Saviour the Lord Jesus Christ. Her presentation drew a standing ovation! After Jackie's presentation, many ladies shared how their health has improved after adopting The Hallelujah Diet. At least 40 ladies shared of reversal of cancers, diabetes, arthritis, and high blood pressure and cholesterol. Many also reported weight losses of up to 100 pounds! These testimonies are always a highlight! On Friday, I (Rev. Malkmus) had the privilege of speaking, followed by Paul and Ann Malkmus' exercise break. Up next was a riveting address by our keynote speaker, Dr. Pam Popper who is featured in the plant-based food documentary, Forks Over Knives. We can't wait to have her back at Hallelujah Acres! Friday afternoon, Tim and Anita Koch, owners of the Hallelujah Acres Lifestyle Center in Lake Lure, NC demonstrated the recipes that were featured during a special dinner that evening! For dessert, Joanne Cash treated us to her testimony of how Jesus rescued her from a life of drugs and alcohol. She sang several songs, including a duo via CD with her brother, the late, great Johnny Cash. On Saturday, Suzy Hoseus shared how The Hallelujah Diet helped her overcome bipolar disorder, giving her a new lease on life. Suzy is a Hallelujah Acres Health Minister and has written a book titled Healing Bipolar and Depression. Suzy was followed by April Tunsky, a keynote speaker for the Vaccine Information Coalition (VIC). She shared the tragedies associated with vaccines, especially autism, which contributed to the death of her own daughter. Olin Idol, Hallelujah Acres' Vice President of Health rounded the presentations with Our Children’s Stolen Future. In his address he shared how, both spiritually and nutritionally, our children’s future is being stolen from them. Rhonda Malkmus, Co-Founder of Hallelujah Acres and wife of Rev. George Malkmus, concluded the three days with a biblical presentation that began with God being the Creator to an invitation to accept His Son, Jesus Christ. Beverley Coad, past Deputy Coordinator of Lydia Prayer Fellowship International, was emcee for the Women's Retreat. Beverley's husband, Graeme Coad (former chaplain for the 700 Club) recovered from terminal prostate cancer on The Hallelujah Diet 16 years ago.

Next Year's Women's Retreat is October 18-20, 2012

Ladies, mark your calendars now! Join ladies from across America and around the world for a special week here at Hallelujah Acres — made just for you!

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