Poll Reveals Spectacular Results

Poll Reveals Spectacular Results

Does The Hallelujah Diet really help? The proof is in the poll! Read the astonishing results from our poll on how The Hallelujah Diet has benefited Health Tip subscribers like you.
Have you answered our poll? Recently, we have been conducting a poll on the Health Tip asking this question: SINCE ADOPTING THE HALLELUJAH DIET, I HAVE…
  • Lost Weight – 67% (235 votes)
  • Increased Energy – 67% (233 votes)
  • Never Felt Better – 54% (188 votes)
  • Decreased Pain – 32% (111 votes)
  • Lowered Blood Pressure – 26% (89 votes)
  • Controlled Diabetes – 11% (39 votes)
  • Beat Cancer – 9% (32 votes)
These are the poll results from the 349 people who have thus far responded to the poll. Since the number of votes adds up to more than 349, that means some of the respondents experienced more than one improvement in their health as a result of adopting The Hallelujah Diet. It would be interesting, if others who promote a particular diet would offer the same poll to their fans: Atkins; South Beach; Mediterranean; Mercola; Maker’s; Macrobiotic; Zone; Blood Type; Jenny Craig, etc. Offering such a poll would quickly reveal which plan provides the greatest benefits for a variety of health issues. At a later time I would like to repeat this poll by adding additional physical problems people have seen improve after adopting The Hallelujah Diet. For instance, hundreds have written to report that their arthritis simply disappeared after making the diet change, headaches gone, eyesight improved, etc. (If you are on The Hallelujah Diet and have not as yet responded to these poll questions, it is not too late to do so!)

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