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We Developed a New Raw Food Enzymes Lab and Web Site to Test Whole-Food Supplements and Report Findings to You

The indicator of a food or supplement being raw, enzymes are essential for life. Without them, we would perish. If we don’t get enough nutrition from raw foods and raw whole food concentrates and supplements, we are at much higher risk of many chronic and degenerative diseases including cancer. Specifically, we need a diet of raw foods to maximize intake of living nutrients from a raw diet, as indicated by enzymatically alive foods. Yet, regardless of how good our diet is, we can’t possibly get all the living nutrition we need from what we eat alone. That is why we need a whole-food supplement. But, which whole food supplement will give you the greatest nutritional value for your money? To answer this question, we developed a laboratory to test competing products and a web site to report on the testing and provide relevant information and insights to you. Our mission: to enable you to get the best possible return on your investment. The goal of our initial round of testing was to determine which products have the highest enzymatic activity—which is an indicator of how well the product is processed and how effectively heat-sensitive nutrients are retained —and therefore whether each product has a positive impact on our health. Our research director, Michael Donaldson, PhD, tested six different products (with more to follow) for five different enzymes. And BarleyMax was the clear winner in all five categories. Get free shipping on BarleyMax Original, fruity BarleyMax Berry, or icy cool BarleyMax Mint. The web site provides expert information and insight about:
  • How we conducted the testing for enzymatic activity in competing raw-food products
  • Why many products are not what they claim to be
  • How to make sure that you get your money’s worth when investing in a whole-food supplement that can provide the nutritional value you need
The new Raw Food Lab web site also provides historical perspective on the importance of raw foods and living enzymes. You’ll gain a rich appreciation for the courage and innovative thinking that enabled the early raw food pioneers to help themselves and others overcome serious illnesses and injuries. Please visit our new site and let us know what you think.

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