More Christmas Gifts of Health

More Christmas Gifts of Health

For many, what to give as a gift is sometimes a difficult decision. Well, I have some great suggestions that will help you give the "gift of health."
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Nothing is more important than your health and the health of your friends and loved ones. Hallelujah Acres has a vast array of suggestions that will help make your gift giving suggestions easier, while having the potential to improve the health of those you love. Last week I suggested the brand new Vitamix Turboblend VS which would make an exceptional gift! This week I want to share some inexpensive books, CDs and DVDs that can help friends and loved ones improve their health: Hallelujah Holiday Recipes… From God’s Garden - $19.95 For the holidays, my dear Rhonda shares over 300 of her best recipes to help you create new, healthy holiday traditions. Also includes “Helpful Kitchen Tips” and a handy “Guide to Planning a Holiday Party.” Through December 31, 2010 this book is FREE with a purchase of $150 or more! Why Christians Get Sick - $13.95 This is my first book, written over 20 years ago, but as up-to-date as tomorrow’s newspaper! Over a million copies in print, this book delves into the question of why we get sick and provides the Biblical answers. God’s Way to Ultimate Health - $18.95 The ultimate nutritional guidebook! Learn how to return to God’s original plan for nourishing the human body. Read what the Bible says about diet and how modern science supports this Biblical wisdom. Includes hundreds of real life testimonies and lots of recipes. The Hallelujah Diet - $14.95 This is my most recent book. Drawing on my 30 years of experience and research, you'll get a complete, in-depth picture of The Hallelujah Diet. The information in this book is changing and saving lives. Pregnancy, Children, & The Hallelujah Diet - $8.95 Olin Idol, ND, CNC tells how infants and young children have special dietary needs that require special considerations. This book is a must read for anyone with children or contemplating having them. The China Study - $16.95 Clearly and beautifully written by one of the world’s most respected nutrition authorities, this book represents a major turning point in our understanding of health. Dr. T. Colin Campbell has done more research on the relationship between diet and disease than any researcher in history. Recipes for Life… From God’s Garden - $24.95 This is Rhonda's most popular recipe book! With more than 400 nutritious and delicious recipes, daily menu suggestions, recipes for children, and a glossary of ingredients. God’s Way to Ultimate Health Seminar - $12.95 (CD) or $19.95 (DVD) Recorded live at my Saturday seminar! God's Way to Ultimate Health explains the basics of why we get sick and how we can nourish our bodies in order to restore them back to health. The Miraculous Self-Healing Body DVD - $17.95 The Miraculous Self-Healing Body features 5 leading experts (Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Dr. John McDougall, Dr. Russell Blaylock, and myself) who reveal the secrets to a healthy, vital, disease-free body. A very powerful video! Click on any of the above items to order or call our customer service center at 800-915-9355.

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