How To Garden In Boxes - Like Rev. Malkmus Does!

How To Garden In Boxes - Like Rev. Malkmus Does!

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Did you know that the meaning of the name George is “farmer?" Fittingly, ever since I was a small boy I loved the farm. From my earliest remembrance I loved to go to grandfather’s and grandmother’s farm. I can still remember my grandfather guiding his horse pulling a plow that plowed up the garden for grandma and seeing her out at the crack of dawn weeding the garden. When I was old enough, I had my own garden in the ground. In recent years, I developed raised bed gardens; in fact, I did a video series on how to build and grow in raised bed gardens a few years ago. Click here to view these videos. Now that I live in Florida and don’t have enough ground to have an in-ground garden, I am gardening in boxes on my patio. Last year in these boxes, I had the most delicious tomatoes and peppers. In fact, due to the warm weather I was able to continue harvesting tomatoes and peppers until after Christmas. This year, 2014, I am already harvesting lettuce and collards and have tomatoes and peppers blossoming and have planted squash and cucumbers in these boxes. What a fun way to garden! Just make sure you have a patio or deck where there are at least 6 hours of sun each day. Imagine gardening where you do no digging or weeding! That's what it's like to garden in boxes. In garden boxes you can automatically water while you are away and add the correct amount of fertilizer whether you are there or not. I have 14 of these boxes this year and they will allow me to grow just about any vegetable organically I used to grow in the ground. I do not own the companies or have any stock in the garden boxes I am recommending, but you can learn more about them here and here. If you are already gardening in containers, or give these garden boxes a try, let me know how you like them and maybe we can have some future articles in this Health Tip! Send me an email here.

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