Consider these natural remedies for cramps.

4 Natural Remedies for Cramps

If you find yourself calling off work, staying home from a family gathering or refusing to participate in other social activities due to severe cramps, consider these natural remedies.

Menstruation is one of many aspects of being a woman, and it may come with symptoms such as cramping. Unfortunately, some women report dealing with more severe period pain than others, often describing the discomfort as debilitating. It could even keep you from going about your daily life. While menstruation is natural and normal, no one should have to put up with the harsh feelings it comes with. There are plenty of natural ways to cope with and treat period pain effectively.

If you find yourself calling off work, staying home from a family gathering or refusing to participate in other social activities due to severe cramps, consider these natural remedies:

1. Make Healthy Diet Choices
We often talk about how wholesome, plant-based eating can reduce inflammation in the body. This holds true when it comes to cramps, as a healthy diet can indirectly reduce the pain you may be dealing with during your period. Ditch the unhealthy fats and animal products for plant-based fats and vegetables for noticeable relief and overall healthier living. Our plant-based eating regimen offers the perfect nutrition for women during their period.

2. Exercise Regularly
Working out may be the last thing on your mind when you're dealing with period cramps, but light exercise can help mitigate the problem. The increased bloodflow and endorphins released during exercise are known to naturally reduce cramping.

Woman doing yoga outside in the grass.Light exercise can relieve cramps.

Remember: Light exercise is all it takes to relieve some of the discomfort. Try yoga, walking, stretching and light dancing. Turning up the intensity too high while working out could actually increase cramping, so you may want to avoid weightlifting, fast-paced cardio and intense fitness classes.

3. Rest
At times, you may feel out of energy while menstruating. Listen to your body and get some rest. This can help relieve cramps and recharge your system, according to Christina Major, a MS Holistic Nutritionist and Herbalist and the Health Recovery Expert of Crystal Holistic Health.

"Your body is doing a lot and energetically shedding a lot so it's an important time to nourish your body and make sure to take some rest too," she said. "We tend to think of our periods as a a burden or something painful that we want to be done with but I think it's a good time to remember the connection of our periods to our fertility and our power as women to create and nourish."

4. Try Luminology
Several years before you go through menopause, you may notice severe period symptoms, producing hot flashes, emotional changes, sleep deprivation and harsh cramping. If you start to notice these signs of menopause, try our Luminology supplements. Luminology Balance is specifically designed for peri-menopause symptoms and is clinically proven to reduce them.

Learn more about how our Luminology supplements can help you get through peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause today!

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