17 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Shopping List

17 Unique Gift Ideas for Your Shopping List

The holidays are fast approaching and your gift list has grown. You are so eager to start your friends and family on the journey toward more vibrant health….but, how? They won’t watch a video and hardly ever crack open a book. They think they know enough to keep themselves healthy and would never touch a multi-vitamin. Their microwave oven is their primary source of cooking and the fridge is full of soda pop and processed juices. So, how do you give the gift of health to your loved ones? What is the best way they will see it, taste it, and take it seriously?

Some non-threatening gift ideas may include:

  1. A small little button to place on their computer and cell phone. It looks innocuous enough but may very well protect them beyond their own imagination from what is being unknowingly transmitted from their technology devices.
  2. How about a gift basket of fluoride-free toothpaste, non-chemical skin lotion and aluminum-free deodorant? Sure, they may sniff their nose up a bit, but if you include with the gift a small written summary of the greatest dangers of fluoride, aluminum and xenoestrogens, you might even get a “thank you!”
  3. Bake them a delicious and “healthy” cheesecake. Let them enjoy it before you tell them it actually will help them stay healthy. If they like it, offer to share this recipe and several others to guide them into getting back into the kitchen.
  4. Are you tired of walking into their house and smelling all of the “fake” air purifiers? How about getting them an essential oil diffuser as well as a fragrant essential oil? Share with them how much more pure the air will be without all of the chemicals in the “air fresheners.”
  5. Even if they won’t watch a video or read a book, chances are they still enjoy music. Share with them how restful listening to music can be and that this simple act can change their blood pressure level as well as improve their attitudes. Sort of a medicinal melody, if you will.
  6. Place a certificate in their greeting card that is good for a week’s worth of walking. A companion is always welcome and creates accountability as well.
  7. A gift card to a local healthy restaurant or health food store is always an interesting gift. This may be the first time they step into one of those “health stores” and you might just inspire a new and unique experience for them. If they appear to be interested in returning back to the health food store, offer to give them a tour of the different types of sugar, salt and oils so they can learn which ones are the best to use.
  8. If someone on your list has a major sweet tooth, consider sending them a box of fruit each month of the year. Harry and David is a store that offers the sweetest fruits in the most beautiful packaging.
  9. Perhaps there is someone on your list who actually enjoys healthful eating and has most of the lifestyle appliances, books and supplements that you do. What they may truly enjoy is a portable cooler to carry their smoothies, salads and living snacks.
  10. If there is someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy exercise but happens to be a technology friend, consider giving them a fit-bit or other lifestyle tracker. They just may be interested enough in the technology to consider moving a little more just to see what this device will do.
  11. For the cook in the house who loves her gadgets, an oil mister, an herb mill (grinder), a vegetable steamer or an ice-cream maker specifically designed for fresh, frozen fruits may entice her to add a few healthier recipes to her repertoire.
  12. To engage the family into corporate movement, consider purchasing the Wii fit program. They will all enjoy the variety of strength training, aerobics, flexibility and balance games. All from the comfort of their own home!
  13. For the person on your list who truly wishes they could live in a perpetual state of sunshine, consider getting them a sunlight desk lamp. This light can elevate the mood of a person who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder. And, it can be a gift for the entire family if just one person feels better…
  14. For the person who loves to eat, consider buying a portion control plate. This little device coupled with a health magazine subscription could be just the ticket to turn their life around.
  15. If your family member is into cooking, don’t forget to remind them that stainless steel cookware and even a stainless steel rice cooker are the best ways to enjoy cooking and keeping their family and guests safe.
  16. For the novice vegan or vegetarian, don’t forget to give them a wooden cutting board since the plastic ones can be dangerous to your hormones, as well as an herb starter kit. There are great herb kits on line that will assist the newbie in making awesome herb infused dishes.
  17. If there is a member who is battling with their health, one of the best gifts to receive is a basket of “green” cleaning supplies. Most people don’t even think about the chemicals that are introduced into their bodies every time they clean their house or do their laundry.
With a little creative ingenuity, it isn’t difficult to find the “perfect gift” for any member of your family. It doesn’t seem difficult to keep your gifts clean and healthy and even think outside of the big “box” stores. Remember, as Jesus gave us all of the gifts of the spirit, He quickly identified the most important, “greatest” gift—Love. Whether you package it up in a bow or in a hug, the most valuable gift you can give anyone is your time, your talent and your love! Have fun Christmas shopping!! You are going to change their lives with your thoughtful gifts!

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