The Hallelujah Diet is No Fad.It Endures Because It Works.

The Hallelujah Diet is No Fad.It Endures Because It Works.

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Beginning with Reverend George Malkmus, the founder of Hallelujah Diet, who was healed of cancer in less than a year almost 40 years ago, thousands of people have transformed their lives with the plant-based diet God gave us. Did you know that:
  • Many testimonies reveal the human body’s miraculous ability to overcome serious illnesses and diseases, just as Reverend Malkmus did.
  • People who have replaced processed and other unhealthy foods and beverages with the plant-based Hallelujah Diet report that they have overcome sickness and restored their health or warded off sickness on their journey to optimal health.
  • People have discovered that they don’t have to get sick and can avoid illness with the right diet, nutritional supplements that are actually food, plus plenty of sunshine, fresh air, exercise and purified water.
With our 25-year track record of scientifically based and high quality recipes and supplemental living nutrition, Hallelujah Diet is obviously not a passing fad or trendy diet. Moreover, once people understand the simple principles of the Hallelujah Diet and then put them into daily practice, they begin to feel more energetic, vibrant and happy. They learn that the Hallelujah Diet is scientifically proven and can enable them to optimize health well into old age. They can:
  • Generate energy for life with healthy solutions
  • Overcome sickness and then boost their health, deliciously
And, of course, once they experience the results and they know that they’re on the path toward optimal health and can stay balanced for as long as they want, they tell their family and their friends about it. That’s the main reason for how much the Hallelujah Diet has grown over the years. The basic principles that are the foundation of Hallelujah Diet are very simple. We all need to:
  • Rid our bodies of the toxins that can weaken our cells and make us sick
  • Feed our cells living nutrition to make them as healthy as possible to minimize the risk of sickness and achieve vibrant, sustainable health
That living nutrition comes from:
  • Fresh and preferably organic fruits and vegetables, whether you eat them or place them in a juicer and drink them
  • Nutritional supplements that are valued for their purity and efficacy
  • Healthy meals made from the many recipes we make available on our web site, proof that eating healthy really can be delicious, simple, easy, fun, inexpensive and time saving
The Hallelujah Diet also helps us to get the full value of the vitamins and minerals in our food and healthy bacteria, essential oils and phytonutrients to keep our cells healthy.
How much raw vs. cooked foods should you eat?
More than 40 years ago, when Reverend Malkmus was trying to restore his health with diet instead of traditional medicine, he discovered that a 100% raw diet doesn’t work. He lost too much weight with all raw foods so he experimented until he got the ratio right and then could maintain a healthy weight. That ratio is still the one recommended by Hallelujah Diet to this day: 85% raw and 15% cooked foods. Reverend Malkmus also figured out that he couldn’t get enough living nutrition to optimize his health with even the best diet. That’s because, over the years, our produce has become less nutritious due to certain farming practices and other factors. That’s why we should supplement the Hallelujah Diet with living nutrition that we can’t get from food alone.
But which supplements deliver on their promise?
Consumers have many choices when it comes to nutritional supplements, all competing for our hard-earned dollars. Many claim to be “raw” and to deliver living nutrition to our body’s cells, but how can we be sure? To answer that question, Hallelujah Diet recently created a raw food lab to test competing raw food supplements. The goal of our initial round of testing was to determine which products have the highest enzymatic activity—which is an indicator of how well the product is processed and how effectively heat-sensitive nutrients are retained—and therefore whether each product actually has a positive impact on our health. Our research director, Michael Donaldson, PhD, tested six different products (with more to follow) for five different enzymes. And BarleyMax was the clear winner in all five categories. The bottom line: rigorously testing products for enzyme activity enables us and you to distinguish which products will truly cultivate optimal health.
Back to basics: keys to optimal health
Restoring and maintaining true, vibrant health may seem complicated, particularly when we introduce the topic of scientific testing. But actually the journey to optimal health is pretty simple. We simply need to address the two pillars of disease—toxicity and nutritional deficiency—by:
  • Eliminating potentially dangerous toxins with a full detox
  • Eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables
  • Bathing our cells in living nutrition
  • Getting plenty of fresh air and exercise
And the best thing about the Hallelujah Diet is that people can choose from a vast variety of healthy, tasty foods that are both nutritious and delicious. In other words, eating healthy really can taste great. The Hallelujah Diet is also very inclusive. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey to health. From those who are sick and want to get better naturally to those who are already pretty healthy but want to be really healthy, we embrace everyone.
Last but definitely not least
At Hallelujah Diet, we believe that there is another important component to healthy living: spiritual health. We try to keep the presence of God alive and constant in our daily lives. And, in all the work we do, we are inspired by the knowledge that God gave us the natural, organic, plant-based diet that the Hallelujah Diet is based on. It is no surprise that the diet God gave us is proven to optimize our health. God is the ultimate healer. Daily prayer and reflection probably do more for our sense of wellbeing and health than anything else. And, of course, nothing is more important than spiritual health and our personal relationship with God.

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