H.A. Cafe Opens After Seven-Month Shutdown

H.A. Cafe Opens After Seven-Month Shutdown

After the fire back in May, we took the opportunity to make big changes to the Hallelujah Acres Cafe. Well it's finally here and you won't believe your taste buds!
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Following a fire and severe smoke damage to our facility back in May of this year we underwent months of restoration. We were able to reopen the renovated auditorium several months ago, along with the rest of the building. However, we decided during renovation to make some huge changes in the Café which delayed its reopening. Following are some of the improvements we have made: New ceiling and lighting, along with new flooring and walls. We have also hired a professional chef. His name is Kirk Talley and he is so excited about turning our café into a fine dining restaurant complete with menu and numerous offerings sure to please the palate of all who come to dine. We believe our café will become one of the finest dining facilities in the country, offering not only 100% vegan foods, but many new raw entrées. Many of these raw entrées are the creation of Chef Kirk, who is so excited to be on board here at Hallelujah Acres and we are so excited to have him here to join Shay in the kitchen. Shay has been preparing the food here at Hallelujah Acres for many years and is excited about having another professional working with her. We will have what we call the soft reopening of the Hallelujah Café and Restaurant on December 1, with the official grand reopening scheduled for February 12, 2010. That day will not only be the grand opening of the café, but will also be Hallelujah Acres 18th anniversary as well as its founder, Rev. George Malkmus’ 76th birthday. And so we invite you to COME AND DINE! We look forward to serving you food that will not only delight your taste buds, but also be nutritious and healthy.

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