Best Health Principles In The World

Best Health Principles In The World

She's been to China, England and even Uganda, but Evace says there's one idea about health that is beyond compare anywhere in the world!
Since Hallelujah Acres had its beginning in 1992, it has been the testimonies that have carried the Hallelujah Acres health message around the world. Over more than 20 years since then, literally tens of thousands have written to tell of the health improvements they have experienced as a result of doing something as simple as changing what they eat. I trust you enjoy these testimonies as much as I do!
“My warmest greetings. I am your Hallelujah Acres trained Health Minister Evace K. This is to inform you that I am back in Uganda, trying to permanently establish Hallelujah Acres principles here. To tell you the truth, the Hallelujah Acres teachings are the best. I have been in China and in London, England, and now in Uganda, but nowhere I have been have I found any healthy principles that can compare with the healing power of The Hallelujah Diet. God bless you!” Health Minister Evace K., Uganda, Africa
“Rev. Malkmus, I have been reading about The Hallelujah Diet and all the people who have been made well by adopting it for the past three years. I am a nutritionist and my husband and I pastor a church here in Kenya. We have lost many believers unnecessarily to various diseases and need a Hallelujah Acres here in our country. My husband and I are willing to start such a ministry but would be grateful if someone would be willing to come here to Kenya in East Africa to help us get started. We have land to grow organic foods.” Evellyn M., Kenya, Africa
“Greetings and Hallelujah! I first learned about The Hallelujah Diet some four years ago after both my husband had been total vegans for 11 years. Before knowledge of Hallelujah Acres and on a strict vegan diet, my husband had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 1981 and suffered many years with this debilitating disease. Within one year of eliminating all animal foods and adopting a 100% plant diet, he was not only healed, but an MRI of his brain showed no scarring. In 1999 I was placed on partial disability for fibromyalgia, carpel tunnel syndrome and chronic tendinitis. Because I adopted this vegan diet I am now symptom-free as long as I do not cheat. When I do cheat, symptoms return and it takes months being really strict for symptoms to go away and for me to feel good again. “On June 18, 2002, my mother was diagnosed with aggressive lymphatic cancer. We did not know about The Hallelujah Diet at the time, so it was like the blind leading the blind in an effort to help her. She realized she had a serious problem when one morning she noticed a baseball sized lump in her arm pit that had not been there the night before. Doctors removed the tumor to do a biopsy, but before she got the results of the biopsy, two more tumors had developed. She moved into my home and immediately adopted my husband’s and my vegan diet. Within six weeks the tumor on her neck was gone and the one on her collar bone was half the original size. Against my husband's and my better judgment she decided to go home and went off the diet. In just two weeks on the SAD diet her cancer markers had risen. She called and asked if she could come back and live with us again and eat our vegan diet. She remains to this day primarily vegan, and at 78 years old is still alive, self sufficient, and babysits her grandchildren ages 3 and 5 regularly. “After learning about The Hallelujah Diet and its healing power four years ago, I had a passion to help others with their health issues, which I did. One gentleman, Duane, in his mid-40s was diagnosed with a serious liver disease. His liver count was 490. Any reading over 40 indicates liver disease. In just two weeks on the Hallelujah Diet his count was down to 90. He remains close to the diet, maintaining his lowered liver count, and is very happy. “A little over a week ago, Christine, age 61 came to me asking for help. She had previously had colon cancer and taken chemo. Her recent blood count markers were elevated and they had found a spot on her liver and a cluster in her lungs. She was scheduled for surgery and chemo. She asked if I would help her if she did the chemo. I told her yes, but I truly felt she would do much better if she did not do the chemo. She called me back the next day and told me she had decided to postpone the surgery and chemo for a month. She has now been on The Hallelujah Diet for a week and looks and feels great. Thursday she went to her oncologist and presented her diet plan, rather than doing the surgery and chemo. The oncologist told her to ‘go for it’. A group of women are now meeting at my house to juice and watch the 60 Days To Reclaim Your Health internet program to support Christine. This program is so wonderful and such an encouragement to us all. “My husband and I love your diet and program. Without a vegan diet and Hallelujah Acres I would hate to consider what my quality of life would be today at 53 years of age. Thank You!” Audrey & Marcol G.

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