Fit 10 - Ten Minute Exercise Program

Fit 10 - Ten Minute Exercise Program

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FIT 10 does it all! Lose weight, tone or build muscle, increase strength, get a cardio workout, stretch and feel great.

FIT 10 is a concentrated yet comprehensive 10-minute workout. You get total-body toning and sculpting, and cardio, all at the same time. Like multi-tasking your muscles, not a second is wasted! Designed for those with back or joint problems! This workout builds tremendous strength without compressing the spine, or over-stressing the joints. While not all of the exercises possible using the Quick Strength Trainer are spine-compression-free, all exercises used in the 10-minute program are. FIT10 comes fully assembled with an Instructional DVD and Quick Start Guide. On the DVD Dave Hubbard teaches and demonstrates how to do each exercise correctly. Plus, you can watch Dave's 10-Minute Motivational Workout, while you exercise, to increase your intensity for faster results. INCLUDES: Quick Strength Trainer; Padded Waist Belt; Super Strong Resistance Bungee; Travel Bag; Instructional DVD-including Dave's Motivational Workout; Quick Start Guide. (30-Day Money Back Guarantee)

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