5 Steps to Success - Guide to the Hallelujah Diet

5 Steps for Success

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This booklet is a straightforward overview of the Hallelujah Diet. It contains 5 overarching steps for success and provides delicious basic recipes to get you started. By heeding the advice within, you may empower your body to do amazing things!

It contains recipes, both new and past standouts, for salad dressings, blended salads, raw soups, smoothies, desserts and juices. You’ll learn various ways to make a salad and be given an assortment of cooked food ideas. This booklet shows how to make recipes that are creative, fresh and most of all, healthy.

The Hallelujah Diet is not a meticulous diet that can only be done one way. It is based around simple concepts that each person can integrate into their own personal lifestyle.

You will not find long-drawn-out “gourmet” recipes trying to emulate standard American fare. Embrace living foods and let this beautiful booklet provide the recipes and the basic information to help you successfully experience the Hallelujah Diet.

Length: 48 pages

Over 40 recipes

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