Christmas In Africa

Christmas In Africa

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Merry Christmas from Nigeria! Paul and Ann here; we're busy with a few more events to help establish Hallelujah Acres in Africa, but in a few days we will wind down (or up?) for Christmas, just like you will. We assumed that Christmas would be different down here, so we did some research to find out what to expect. First of all, food is a big part of Christmas here, just like it is at home! And just like in America, there will be plenty of tempting dishes that are not exactly health-promoting. With so many foods we don't recognize here, we're going to have to rely on our Nigerian friends to help us figure out this one! Jollof rice is a favorite around here and is typically served with meats, boiled beans, or fried plantains at Christmas. There's also something called fufu, which we're going to have to ask about! On Christmas Day, we're told that almost everyone here will attend church. Many churches are already decorated with Christmas trees and lights along with more Nigerian touches like palm fronds. Fireworks are expected on Christmas, too, along with jubilation in the streets! Costumed performers are popular as well, we're told, towering above the crowds on stilts. We are also counting our blessings at this time of year; we are very appreciative of those who are guiding our steps during our stay! Thank you for keeping us in prayer as we spread God's message of hope and healing through The Hallelujah Diet. Merry Christmas!

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