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With over 30 years of experience helping people improve their health, the Hallelujah Diet has everything you need to thrive in healthy eating. We provide resources from books on living healthier to simple meal plans. As you start to consume better foods and nutrient-rich supplements, you will be amazed by the positive changes that will take place within your body.

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It can be confusing to know where to start. This quiz will guide you on which supplements are best for you

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The supplements fill in the gaps with the additional nutrition you need to allow your body to function at it’s highest level.

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Take Back your Health

Your body will begin to naturally heal itself and will be restored to it’s best health. We have thousands of success stories from people like you!

What's Your Health Focus

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Immune Support

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Gut Health

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Heart Health

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Healthy Aging

My testimony begins in 1958 when I was involved in a serious hit and run accident. It injured my spine severely and at the time, the doctors told me I should have surgery. By May, I was 85% free of pain!

- Carla C., Tennessee

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Health News

From Soil to Soul: Exploring the Health Benefits of Gardening

From Soil to Soul: Exploring the Health Benefits of Gardening

Discover the healthy benefits of gardening for your physical and mental well-being. Learn why gardening is good exercise and how it can improve your overall health.
Top Tips for Vegan Athletes: Mastering Veganism for Athletic Success

Top Tips for Vegan Athletes: Mastering Veganism for Athletic Success

Discover essential tips for vegan athletes on what to eat and how to sustain peak performance with a plant-based diet, focusing on unprocessed, whole foods.
Harnessing the Power of Vegan Foods to Fight Inflammation

Harnessing the Power of Vegan Foods to Fight Inflammation

Learn about combating inflammation with a plant-based diet. Discover vegan foods that offer anti-inflammatory benefits, supporting health and fighting chronic conditions.
60 Days to Reclaim Your Health - Man and woman in the kitchen blending vegetables60 Days to Reclaim Your Health - Man and woman in the kitchen blending vegetables


60 Days To Reclaim Your Health

The Reclaim Your Health program is zero-cost, web-based, health coaching programs based on The Hallelujah Diet.

Reclaim Your Health provides daily guidance through emails and videos to help you achieve and sustain your health goals.


This Week's Top Recipes

Living Lasagna recipe with raw vegan ingredients

Lasagna / Stacked Salad

This Living Lasagna is one of the most scrumptious recipes! It may take a little extra time to prepare, but it is well worth the wait.

Crunchy carrot radish soup with raw vegan ingredients

Crunchy Carrot Radish Soup

Not only is this soup marvelously delicious, the texture is exquisite. Be sure to cut the carrot and radishes in thin slices.

The Satisfier Juice Recipe - Raw Vegan recipes

The Satisfier Juice

The beauty of fresh juice is that it doesn’t put a burden on the digestive tract. The juice can be swallowed and to our cells within minutes.

Tahini Crunch Bar - Raw Vegan Dessert Recipe

Tahini Crunch Bar

No sense in adding sugar, honey, maple syrup or any additional sweeteners as this candy-like crunch bar is fantastic as is!

Raw vegan snacks with toast topped with avocado, bananas, tomatoes, and pepita seeds


Our Move Towards Healthy Lifestyle

Human intervention and GMOs have become the standard in today's food, drastically affecting our bodies and our health. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by reading every label, trying to research where and how your food was grown or made? Do you feel as if you live in a mind-fog of confusing advice on what to eat and how much? If you've ever felt lost on what and how to eat, the Hallelujah diet will take you back to when nutrition was simple, and our bodies ate raw, pure food packed with nutrients as God intended.

Wellness and Nutriton - Fresh fruit and vegetable juice

Raw Food Lab

Why Should You Care About Your Food And Supplements?

Without question, enzyme-rich foods are critical for outstanding health. Living Foods (determined by enzyme activity) are so vital that, without them, life would cease to exist.

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