Hallelujah Simple Weekly Meals   Volume 2

Hallelujah Simple Weekly Meals Volume 2

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Designed with busy families in mind, Simple Weekly Meal Plans — Volume 2 by Marilyn Polk features 28 days worth of quick, delicious, full course meal recipes customized for The Hallelujah Diet. Using familiar, easy-to-find ingredients, these recipes are easy to follow, extremely healthful, and best of all, they taste great (sure to impress even your family's pickiest food critics).

Each week's menu includes a comprehensive grocery list, so there are no surprises. Plus, there are helpful prep tips, suggestions for healthy food substitutes, and even special occasion recipes for every season.

And if you decide to get the original in the series, Simple Weekly Meal Plans — Volume 1, you can literally go for eight weeks and never have the same meal twice!

"These weekly meal plans are a wonderful tool and have played a pivotal role in maintaining our new eating habits. The grocery lists and recipes invite variety and are easily up or downsized to fit any family's needs. Just having a place to start has been a tremendous blessing." 

~ Lisa W., Saskatoon, Canada
Joyously preparing meals for a household of 10

Made for use in everyday kitchens, this book is spiral bound with extra-durable pages.

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