TrioMax Large 10.6 oz
TrioMax Large 10.6 oz

TrioMax Large 10.6 oz

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TrioMax is a balanced blend of BarleyMax, CarrotJuiceMax and BeetMax that powers up your living cells with more nutritional energy than any other Hallelujah Diet® juice powder ever developed!

  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan Certified
  • Natural Food Certified
  • Large 10.6oz Cannister

What Is Food Synergy?
Food synergy is a new concept in the field of nutrition science suggesting that the nutritional values of some foods can be enhanced through particular food combinations. Whole food combinations (synergies) are piquing the interest of researchers and nutritionists because of their impact on disease prevention, heart disease, cancer, chronic diseases, and even weight loss.

Consider the synergistic power of having three powerful plants in one juice!
"The truth is that there are all sorts of examples of food synergy at work in research published over the last five years," says Elaine Magee, MPH, RD, author of Food Synergy. "We know now that in so many cases, the power in food is in the package, not the individual components." The more you incorporate powerhouse foods and beverages into your day, Magee adds, the less room there is for the more processed and nutrient-poor foods and beverages.

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