Elena’s “Ready for School” Smoothie

Elena’s “Ready for School” Smoothie

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Like rocket fuel for little brains, Elena's Ready For School Smoothie has everything your kids need to sustain thinking power through the school day! Includes trace minerals from BarleyMax, good fats from avocado, probiotics for gut (and brain) health, and fish oil for brain boosting omega-3 fatty acids. Developed by a Hallelujah mom for her vaccine-free little girl! Elena's Ready-for-school smoothie


12 oz vanilla almond milk or amount need for desired consistency
¼-1/2 small avocado
½ banana (frozen or fresh)
1 tsp BarleyMax
1 Children's Probiotic tablet
¼ -½ tsp Silver Biotics immune support liquid
½ tsp vitamin C powder
1/2 tsp orange flavored Pharmax Finest Pure fish oil (1 tsp for children 9 years and older)


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