Colonial Bread

Colonial Bread

Interest in the request for bread machine recipes was great, with dozens responding with their favorite recipes. Most of the recipes that resulted from this interest included white flour, and some readers objected to the use of unbleached white flour in these recipes, but once a whole grain flour batter is placed into a 350-degree oven, a high percentage of the nutrients are destroyed by the heat anyway, and that unbleached white flour makes the finished loaf lighter and usually tastier. Also, the bread is not devoid of fiber because of the whole grains that it contains. Like other of those recipes, this recipe was meant for a bread machine, but it can also be made using conventional bread-making methods.


1½ cups distilled water (very warm so that the honey is dissolved)
½ cup raw, unfiltered, honey
¾ cup rye flour
¾ cup yellow corn meal
3 cups unbleached bread flour
1 teaspoon Celtic or Himalayan salt
1 package yeast


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