How Breastfeeding Saves Lives

How Breastfeeding Saves Lives

Everyone knows that breastfeeding is best, but saving lives? That's the latest news from Nigeria. Last year, Susan Grant from an organization called Save The Children stated that, "...mother's breast milk can save a million children's lives each year." Wow... a million kids saved every year — just by breastfeeding! To our surprise, Save The Children reports that less than 40% of babies in developing countries receive the benefits of breastfeeding and only 13% of Nigerian mothers breastfeed exclusively. Lack of breastfeeding leads to malnutrition at an early age that only gets worse as the child gets older, starting a vicious circle of misery and hunger. Who knew breastfeeding was so powerful? Well, Olin Idol, for one. Olin (ND, CNC) is Hallelujah Acres Vice-President of Health and author of Pregnancy, Children, and The Hallelujah Diet. In his book, he reveals why breast milk is God's perfect food for babies:
"At no other time in life (first six months) will the baby have the same need for fats, proteins, and a vast array of other macro and micro nutrients, all of which are supplied in ideal quantities in breast milk. Breast milk contains everything (if Mom is on an optimal diet) that the baby needs in order to enjoy optimal health and reach maximum potential."
Olin goes on to say that breast milk should be the "exclusive diet of the infant for at least the first six months" which is exactly what the Save The Children organization has said. As for Mom, Olin says "Maintaining a diet rich in freshly extracted vegetable juices, an abundance of fresh green leafy vegetables, fruits, and a good balance of whole grains, legumes, and raw nuts and seeds should ensure an ample supply of high quality breast milk." What do you think about breastfeeding? Scroll below the related stories to comment!

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