Fertility Treatments? Try Changing Your Diet!

Fertility Treatments? Try Changing Your Diet!

Can changing your diet really improve fertility for couples? Here's what happened to Sarah when she adopted The Hallelujah Diet.
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Living for others is so rewarding! For most of my adult life the following has been my motto: “Others Lord, yes others; may this my motto be; Help me to live for others; that I might live for Thee.” My reward for "Living for Others” is the pile of testimonies I receive from folks who have applied the information I share in these weekly Health Tips and the seminars I conduct. These testimonies are worth far more than silver or gold or rubies to me!
“Rev. George, My husband and I were able to have two children and planned to have more, but after my second child I was unable to become pregnant. For nearly eight years I prayed that the Lord would open my womb and allow me to have another child but those prayers went without an answer. After many years of prayer, our family moved to Tennessee so that my husband could attend Bible School. There I heard some serious preaching regarding praying and how if we wanted God to answer our prayers we often had to be participants in that answer. Well it wasn’t long after, that the Lord brought a new friend into my life who had been through a very similar circumstance of barrenness. She told me that after many years of praying, she was introduced to The Hallelujah Diet, and as a result her prayers for a child were answered. I believed if The Hallelujah Diet could be the answer to her prayers for a child; a changed diet could be the answer to my prayers as well. And sure enough, after seven years of prayer, in just a few short months after making the diet change, the Lord opened my womb and filled our lives with not only another child, but with four more children. God is amazing! I have learned, though it has not always been easy, that true health results only from a strict vegetarian diet and the following the blessed truths that Hallelujah Acres offers. God bless you, and thank you for your faithfulness to Him, and to His Word, and the truths that lie in the pages of the Bible.” Sarah S., Tennessee
“I just wanted to thank you Rev. Malkmus and your staff for making this excellent way available to so many and at no cost. I have found the way of eating you teach to be the best! I began The Hallelujah Diet six months ago and as a result have lost 38 pounds for an average loss of six pounds a month. And I have found it so interesting learning more and more as well as trying new recipes that I have found not only delicious, but so satisfying. The green smoothies are fantastic and delicious. I never tire of all the different ways you can change the flavor by varying the ingredients. I now hardly ever eat anything cooked and could not in a million years have ever believed they could taste so good if I had not given them a try. Thanks so much for teaching us all how to eat in order to live a better and healthier lifestyle. God has been so good to me and will be to others if they will but ask Him and then be obedient to making this diet and lifestyle change. I have also been on the Hallelujah Acres 60-Day challenge and was so impressed by what I learned that I have been doing everything right regarding the diet for the past six months. I am blessed beyond measure. Love and prayers to you and all those at Hallelujah Acres who have made this possible for me and all the others who have adopted the Hallelujah Acres way of eating.” Zillah A., Perry, Florida

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