Blueberries - Wonderful For Snacking!

Blueberries - Wonderful For Snacking!

Blueberries are a welcome summer snack that can be enjoyed in fall, winter, and next spring, too! Rev. Malkmus shares how to preserve these healthy, little treats.
Rhonda and I have made the landscaping around our home in Shelby an “edible landscape:”
  • 5 thornless blackberries
  • 6 grape vines
  • 3 fig trees
  • 2 apple trees
  • 1 pear tree
  • 1 peach tree
  • 1 persimmon tree
  • 1 cherry tree
  • 3 raised garden beds (4x12 each) where we grow veggies most of the year
At the moment, we are especially excited about the 47 blueberry plants lining our driveway which we planted three years ago when only about a foot high. This year they are three and four feet tall and just covered with blueberries. There are clusters of blueberries on some of the branches so large just one cluster would fill a cup. What does one do with so many blueberries? Freeze them! They will keep frozen until next season and we place one cup of them in each of our morning “green smoothies”. But in addition to using them in our smoothies, frozen blueberries make an absolutely delicious and highly nutritious snacking food on a hot summer day. If you have some land around your house, you might consider growing blueberries. In most areas they are easy to grow, require little maintenance, have few pests, and are so rewarding. If you can’t grow them perhaps you can go to a u-pick blueberry farm, pick your own, (which is lots of fun for a family outing), and then bring them home (what you don’t eat while picking), and freeze them for later enjoyment.
DID YOU KNOW? A study by The University Of Michigan Cardiovascular Center found that blueberries may help reduce belly fat and risk factors for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome.

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