Rhonda's New Recipe Book Now Available

Rhonda's New Recipe Book Now Available

More than 400 of Rhonda's recipes from her monthly culinary classes are now available in a brand new recipe book! Get your copy of Rhonda's Culinary Creations before they're gone!
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For the past 6 years, on the Friday evening before Rev. Malkmus’ first-Saturday-of-the-month seminar, Rhonda has conducted a culinary class. In the class, Rhonda demonstrates a complete, full-course meal suitable for The Hallelujah Diet, while those attending taste what they had just seen prepared. These classes have been extremely popular and people have been asking for years for the recipes — and now the wait is over! Rhonda’s brand new recipe book, Rhonda’s Culinary Creations was released at the 2012 Women's Retreat in October. This beautiful, spiral-bound book includes more than 400 recipes Rhonda has demonstrated these past 6 years in her Friday evening culinary classes. With dozens of beautiful photos and countless how-to tips from Rhonda's personal recipes archives, this book would make a wonderful Christmas gift! When they were first made available at the Women’s Retreat, one attendee bought 10 copies and after Rhonda had autographed each of them, she said: “Now I have most of my Christmas shopping done!” The first printing is already disappearing fast! Click here to order yours now in time for Christmas.
“Rhonda, What a beautiful recipe book! Thank you for your creative diligence – it is a masterpiece!” Karen B., Rockford, Illinois

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