Your KIDS Are What YOU Eat

Your KIDS Are What YOU Eat

We pass down traditions and personality traits to our kids — but what about diet? Two recent studies provide some interesting answers. The first study from McGill University in Montreal, Canada showed that a gene variant known to indicate a predisposition to cardiovascular disease can be significantly weakened with a good diet. Translation? The higher your intake of fruits and vegetables, the more control you have over a genetic weakness for heart disease — for you AND your kids. Essentially, this study simply comes out and says that diet can supersede genes (like you didn't know that already). :) But aside from genes, there's another inherited trait that can thwart our best dietary efforts: inherited bad habits and ignorance. That's where the second study comes in. Researchers at VU University in Amsterdam found that even though people know that plant-based meals are better for their health, cultural norms dissuade them from trying something new. Perhaps the more tragic finding was that, even if people wanted to try plant-based meals, "lack of familiarity and skill" hampered their efforts. Basically, their ignorance about how to make plant-based meals is harming their health! Does this sound familiar? Do you shy away from making more plant-based meals because you don't know how? When you tell people about the health benefits of The Hallelujah Diet, do you think that their ignorance of "how to do it" is what's stopping them from trying it? This is EXACTLY why we feel it's important to make how-to recipe videos like this one. We want you to know what you're doing with plant-based meals so that you can pass down a tradition of healthy eating to your kids! What how-to recipe video would you like to see from Hallelujah Acres? Comment below!

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