Spirooli Squash

Spirooli Squash

How do you make squash and zucchini fun and festive? Use a spirooli! This spiral vegetable cutter makes spaghetti shapes and various other creative, gourmet-looking shapes with veggies like squash, zucchini, potatoes, and more! Spirooli squash


1 yellow squash
1 zucchini
½ cup diced red pepper
1 tomato diced
½ cup diced red onion
1 lemon, juiced
1 tsp Italian seasoning
¼ tsp unrefined salt
1 tsp raw agave or honey


1. Process raw squash and zucchini using a spirooli (spiral vegetable cutter) or mandolin/shredder.
2. Cut squashes into bit-sized pieces with kitchen scissors or a knife.
3. Add remaining vegetables and mix well.
4. Stir dressing into vegetables.
5. Garnish with dried basil or Mrs. Dash Garlic n Herb seasoning.

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