Harvest Time Soup

Harvest Time Soup

This recipe comes from Rhonda Malkmus' 269-page, spiral-bound Hallelujah Holiday Recipes - From God's Garden. A number of pictures of both Rhonda and George, taken when they were children, are used as chapter dividers throughout the book. Many have bought the book as much for these photographs as for the recipes.


4 cups distilled water (or vegetable soup stock, heated but not to boiling)
4 cups carrots (chunked)
4 stalks broccoli (peeled and chunked) or 2 cups florets
2 large sweet potatoes (chunked)
1 large sweet onion (chopped finely)
8 celery ribs (chopped finely)
Favorite herb seasonings to taste


1. Place liquid into powerful blender.
2. Then add carrots, broccoli and finally sweet potato in that order and blend each before adding next ingredient.
3. Place blended veggies in a serving bowl and stir in onion, celery and herb seasoning. It is now ready to serve.

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