What Is Serrapeptase, Anyway?

What Is Serrapeptase, Anyway?

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Maybe you've seen Hallelujah Acres' Serrapeptase in our online store and wondered "what is that stuff?" Or maybe you bought it — and it sits on the shelf because you're not sure what to do with it. Rest assured, if you've ever bought Serrapeptase, you possess one of nature's most amazing substances!

Serrapeptase (sarah-PEP-taze) is an enzyme, specifically an enzyme that breaks down proteins into smaller molecules called peptides, and eventually into individual amino acids. This kind of enzyme is called a "proteolytic" enzyme. If you've ever watched a time-elapse video of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you've seen Serrapeptase in action. It's an enzyme in the butterfly's saliva that breaks down the protein in the cocoon, literally melting it away — and believe it or not, that has profound health benefits for humans.

Serrapeptase helps the human body rid itself of unwanted proteins, caused by inflammation. The diet most people eat today causes inflammation (which eventually causes disease). Inflammation and toxins create protein debris (non-living tissue) that forms into scar tissue, blood clots, cysts, mucus, arterial plaque, etc. When taken as a supplement and allowed to work systemically (throughout the body), Serrapeptase can have a profound effect on inflammation and can promote rapid healing. Serrapeptase digests non-living tissue and reduces inflammation in all forms without affecting living tissue. The uses are wide ranging and cover just about any discomfort caused by inflammation and/or non-living tissue. Serrapeptase can also strengthen the effect of both traditional and alternative antibiotics by contributing to the digestion of proteins or peptides and helping to form simpler, soluble products. This makes the antibiotics more effective in killing bacteria.

Many people tell us they keep it on hand to reduce the painful symptoms of a head cold, too, as proteolytic enzymes inhibit the release of pain-causing substances called amines. Proteolytic enzymes have also been found helpful to address the painful symptoms of breast pain and breast swelling. In a nutshell, Serrapeptase helps to take inflammation out of the way so that your body can concentrate on self-healing.

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