Surgery vs Supplements

Surgery vs Supplements

What Is Serrapeptase, Anyway? Reading Surgery vs Supplements 3 minutes Next Rethink Retirement!
Is surgery really the only option for “that old football injury?” Maybe not! I should know (Paul, here). Back when Ann and I were developing our Exercise Essentials online video fitness program a couple of years ago, I was accustomed to exercising in the evening (when we were taping the video sessions). But one day, I exercised in the morning instead. But for whatever reason, I forgot to stretch first. Man, was that a big mistake! I felt something go wrong in my knee and by 2:00 pm I could hardly walk. Like a typical guy, I tried to tell myself it was nothing. I went on, day by day and just dealt with it for as long as I could. That ended up being a few months. Finally, in late summer, decided to get an MRI to determine what had happened — I had torn my meniscus! And the only option, I was told, was surgery. My immediate reaction in my mind was "no thanks!" Instead, I had an alternative therapy doctor inject some platelets into the joint to speed healing, but it only improved a little bit. Then, Dr. Ajay Goel came to speak at Hallelujah Acres about curcumin and the Hallelujah Acres Joint Health supplement that includes a form of curcumin that Dr. Goel helped develop. After hearing him speak, I started re-thinking curcumin for healing. I had been taking the Joint Health supplement, but not that much of it; just one capsule a few times a week. But I wanted that pain gone, so I figured I would blast it with every anti-inflammatory supplement Hallelujah Acres had: I began taking 4 capsules of Joint Health per day along with 4 capsules of Bio-Curcumin and 4 capsules of Serrapeptase. I did that for just 2 months... and suddenly I could run again! Not just up the stairs; I'm talking about a REAL run. A long run, like 6 to 8 miles without a problem! Of all people, I knew to expect great results from Hallelujah Acres supplements — but still — I was amazed! It's been a couple of years now and my knee is still going strong! I keep Joint Health on hand and use it when I think about it, but other than that, it's just fine. In fact, I was doing lunges and squats this morning with no pain whatsoever. And last week, Ann and I were on a speaking tour, standing on concrete for several hours without a glitch. We also went for an 8-mile walk — again, no problems at all! Now, when I do take Joint Health, I take 4 at a time. Some people take one a day, every day, but I just load up once a week or so; that seems to work best for me. Well, I just wanted to share that and hope that — if you have an infamous, nagging, old injury — this will give you some encouragement and another option. It definitely worked for me! How do you handle fitness injuries? Scroll below the related articles to comment!

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