The Incredible Power of Juice - Now Available On-The-Go!

The Incredible Power of Juice - Now Available On-The-Go!

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When it comes to promoting great health, there’s nothing quite like the concentrated power of fresh fruits and vegetables! As a supplement to a healthy diet, juicing plays a very important role, providing a nutrient dense, enzyme packed boost to overall health. Juicing also helps alkaline the body by neutralizing acidity - a key component in the fight against chronic illness and disease. The more alkaline the blood, the more oxygen rich it becomes, making it difficult for disease and illness to survive. Likewise, the more acidic the body’s pH, the more deprived of oxygen your cells become, therefore reducing the body's ability to absorb vital nutrients, decreasing energy production in the cells, and diminishing your body’s ability to repair damage, leading to the gradual deterioration of healthy cells and making you more vulnerable to illness and disease. Animal based products, white flour and refined or artificial sugars are key offenders when it comes to producing dangerous levels of acidity within the body. On the other hand, most fruits and vegetables are naturally alkaline forming. So, while a plant-based diet, like The Hallelujah Diet®, is ideal for supporting an alkaline environment, juicing is an excellent way to help ensure that balance is met and maintained!
Upon analyzing 12 types of fruit, the Department of Agriculture found that 90% of antioxidant activity is actually found in the fruit’s juice, rather than the pulp.
When juice is separated from the pulp, what’s left behind is a highly concentrated blend of nutrients that is very easy for your body to absorb. Since the removal of fiber eliminates any strain on your digestive system, the juice can be transported to your bloodstream in just minutes. What this means is that the vitamins and minerals delivered from juice have had no time to degrade, and are available to your body in their most active, powerful form! Plus, juicing is an excellent way to pack a larger quantity of health promoting fruits and vegetables into your diet, as you can easily consume more fruits and vegetables as juice than you could in their whole form! This is especially important for those facing troublesome health conditions, as fresh juice provides a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals and trace elements at the cellular level, in an easily assimilated form that makes it easier for the body to use in repair. Sometimes, however, today’s hectic schedules make it hard to get fresh juice on the go. Thankfully, with The Hallelujah Diet®, you never have to miss out on this valuable source of nutrition, no matter how busy you are or where your day takes you. With The Hallelujah Diet’s® variety of Juice On-The-Go powders (BarleyMax®, CarrotJuiceMax®, BeetMax® and TrioMax®), we’ve packed all the nutrition of this precious life source into easy to carry containers filled with fresh, superfood powders that can be conveniently mixed with water or your favorite beverage, offering the energizing nourishment of fresh juice anytime, anywhere! Each of these superfood powders packs an essential punch of vital nutrients that your body needs to rebuild healthy new cells, increase energy, eliminate toxins and boost your immune system, while putting your body in the alkaline state needed to promote extreme health. From the powerhouse of raw, living enzymes and micronutrients (more than in any other one source!) found in BarleyMax® to the incredible antioxidant power of CarrotJuiceMax®, these superfood powders are capable of reversing DNA damage and defending your body from disease causing free radicals! Throw in the toxin busting, mood enhancing properties of BeetMax® and the synergistic, comprehensive nutrition of our whole-food concentrate TrioMax®, and your body will have just the right combination of energy and nutrition it needs to activate its self-healing mechanism, capable of tackling any intruders! Each of our superfood powders can be bought individually or purchased together in our complete Juice On-The-Go combination packs, which feature full size containers of BarleyMax®, CarrotJuiceMax® and TrioMax® in the flavor of your choice, packaged together for maximum nutrition and value. In addition to providing exceptional convenience, the juice used in all of our superfood powders is extracted and dried at low temperatures to ensure that critical heat sensitive nutrients and living enzymes are fully retained. Plus, we never use any artificial ingredients, colors, fillers or sweeteners, so you can feel confident that you are getting the closest thing to fresh squeezed juice available in a portable, dried powder form! So, when juicing is not an option, pack the next best source of incredible nutrition right in your pocket or purse, ready to be mixed and enjoyed whenever and wherever you are! For more information on each of these incredible juice powders, visit our website and see for yourself just how easy portable nutrition can be!

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