Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise and Weight Loss

As you may have heard, we gave birth to two books! One provides delicious, low fat and low sugar recipes specially created for people who are battling cancer. The other is a rather large, (350 plus page) cancer book that focuses on the causes of cancer: Toxicity and Nutritional Deficiency. It took over a year of study, sitting, researching and little else to get these books created.

After we gave birth to our new babies I found my clothes didn’t fit well, I have more than one chin, and I get easily winded. I have “baby weight!” When I was in my 20’s it didn’t take long after my other “babies” were born to lose the weight and my clothes went back to fitting well again.

Today, at the more advanced age of 50 something, this seems more frightening! Between having fewer hormones and recent lack of strenuous activity, it seems as if it is taking forever to get back into shape.

So, how is your shape? Did you notice that “extra 10 pounds” that somehow seems to have come out of nowhere but not going anywhere fast? Have you felt uncertain and even reluctant about “starting to move?”

Take heart, as usual, AM and PM are doing things the crazy way. As soon as the book was done we got busy. First thing that we did was join a local gym. Most mornings we meet a personal trainer at 7:30 and she puts us through a workout. This has been interesting for us as neither one of us have worked with a trainer before. It makes a difference having someone coaching and motivating you to continue to do a little more. Then, at least one more time throughout the day, Paul goes to a stretching, spinning or other class, while Ann is trying Zumba, Core or a combination of several classes too.

What we noticed immediately, was that Paul can lose weight so quickly, while Ann is on week three noticing very little weight loss, but beginning to see her form take shape. Today was especially intense for me as we went to our 7:30 AM training then I went to an 8:30 AM Zumba class then back this evening at 6:30 PM for a second round of Zumba. Now, if you can’t spend three hours a day in a gym, or even if you can, the results won’t come overnight. In fact, Paul says, that in the very beginning, especially if you are exercising to build muscle, you will find your pants and shirts actually, a little tighter—apparently, the fat doesn’t seem to burn off as quickly as the muscle is built. But, as the weeks go on, and you continue to persevere, the slow, inch-by-inch process will continue. It may be longer than you would like before the scale tells you a number you are happy to see, but your clothes will likely be telling you what you want to hear.

Remember, taking a 30-minute walk each day of the week will build up your heart, some of your muscles and help you feel more in control of your life. You don’t have to belong to a gym, have a personal trainer, or feel like you must lift the weights of the world on your shoulder. Rather, slow, methodical, consistent exercise will give you results—even if it doesn’t come as quickly as you wish. And don’t stop there—your body will get accustomed to the walk or to any other repetitive exercise, so as the saying goes, “Variety is the spice of life.” You need to add other types of movement for your body to continue to burn calories and respond positively.

By the way, if you have never tried a Zumba class, I’ve got to tell you, it is an incredible mood altering experience—and you sweat too! If not Zumba, rebounding, take a dance class, do anything that helps you move!

You don’t have to have given birth to shed those few extra pounds, but whatever you have to lose, it may be the best thing you’ve done for your body this year!

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