D3K2: The Disease Fighting Super Duo!

D3K2: The Disease Fighting Super Duo!

When it comes to food, there are some ingredients that just seem to go together - flavors that enhance each other in such a way that they bring out the distinct essence of each one. Similarly, some foods, when paired correctly, compliment each other so well that they can become incredible superfood duos – extraordinary nutrient combinations with the power to improve your health. For example, we know that vitamin C allows the body to absorb iron more efficiently and has been shown to help vitamin E pack a bigger punch.
Researchers at Ohio State University have also discovered an incredible link between the saturated fat found in avocados and body’s ability to absorb carotenoid nutrients such as the cancer fighting lycopene in tomatoes!
And just like these powerful pairs, there’s another incredible combination that deserves some serious attention! Introducing vitamins D3 and K2, a nutrient blend with a powerful synergistic effect on bone health, cardiovascular health and the metabolism of calcium within the body. While vitamin D3 increases the absorption of calcium, K2 helps to direct the body on where to deposit the calcium, ensuring that it makes its way to the bones rather than building up in the organs, tissues or coronary arteries where it can lead to calcium deposits and the buildup of plaque. K2 also helps to activate osteocalcin, the protein hormone necessary in helping to bind calcium to the bone. However, it's believed that taking calcium without vitamin D or K2 could prove more dangerous than not taking it at all since calcium needs vitamin D and K2 in order to be properly absorbed and distributed. That’s why we are excited to announce Hallelujah Acres’ newest supplement formula, Vitamin D3K2! Working together, these two powerful supplements get the support they need to protect your body, direct the flow of calcium and reduce your risk for coronary heart disease! You may be asking yourself; don’t I get enough vitamin K from the foods I eat? Well, you could be getting plenty of vitamin K1, a critical nutrient for our bones, by eating a diet rich in green, leafy vegetables. Vitamin K2, on the other hand, is produced by bacteria in your gut. Unfortunately, the body does not produce enough of it to be effectively absorbed in the blood stream and most of it gets passed through your stool before it has a chance to make its way through the body. Our incredible D3K2 supplement, however, is an easy, effective way for the body to get the incredible benefits that each of these powerful nutrients can provide. And since Vitamin K2 stays in the blood stream much longer than K1 (days rather than hours), small amounts of K2 actually compliment the K1 found in leafy green plants. Paired with the disease fighting benefits of vitamin D, our D3K2 blend helps to keep your body in balance! Plus our gluten free, non-GMO supplement is available in veggie capsules, so you can be confident your body is getting just the nutrition it needs, without any unwanted ingredients. When it comes to your health, you can't afford to cut corners, so give your body the right combination of nutrients needed to perform its best, starting with D3K2 - the super duo that delivers superior results!

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