Juice On The Go!

Juice On The Go!

In this season of lazy summer days, long vacations and catching up on that tan, we tend to let our guard down and leave that juicer sitting on the counter collecting a little dust. Sometimes we even give way to temptation and forego our daily supplement routines. Life just feels so good! The big blue sky, the warm, sultry air and the penetrating heat just makes you feel alive and invincible! You take those extra long walks in the morning or in the evening and it just feels so good to take a break from the daily rituals.

Keep Juicing All Year Round

As tempting as it may be to put a hold on the juicing and supplements, you may find it interesting to learn that the flu season isn’t just one season. And those “summer colds” can be menacing and tenacious. If you ascribe to the idea that your body is constantly replacing dying cells with new ones daily, then a brief sabbatical from proper nutrition can set you up for future health issues. The wonderful thing about juice is that it comes in a ready-made powder!

Hallelujah Acres has several extraordinary juice powders that come ready to serve. Whether you’re on the beach or on a mountain, just mix with a little water and this living juice will feed you and your cells throughout the day and into those long, warm moonlit evenings.

BarleyMax Juice Flavors

We’ve packed all the nutrition of this precious life source into easy to carry containers filled with fresh, superfood powders that can be conveniently mixed with water or your favorite beverage, offering the energizing nourishment of fresh juice anytime, anywhere! Each of these superfood powders packs an essential punch of vital nutrients that your body needs to rebuild healthy new cells, increase energy, eliminate toxins and boost your immune system, while putting your body in the alkaline state needed to promote extreme health.

CarrotJuiceMax | Not only filled with great antioxidants and beta-carotene, which is the precursor to the awesome vitamin A, but mixed with cold water CarrotJuiceMax makes the perfect summer drink! It quenches your thirst and the thirst of your cells. Kids love it like it’s candy! Also available as CarrotJuiceMax - Grapefruit/Ginger also made from pure organic carrot juice.

BeetMax | Get the added nutrients to rev you up for that workout or big baseball game. Made from organic beet juice, the sweet taste in our BeetMax powder mixes well in a glass of ice water for anyone to enjoy on a hot day.

BarleyMax | The greatest juice powder on the market—bar none! With the nutrients from this living leafy green, you will find more energy to sustain you through those marathon swim sessions in the lake or ocean.

All Natural Juice Powders

From the powerhouse of raw, living enzymes and micronutrients (more than in any other one source!) found in BarleyMax to the incredible antioxidant power of CarrotJuiceMax, these superfood powders are capable of reversing DNA damage and defending your body from disease causing free radicals! Throw in the toxin busting, mood enhancing properties of BeetMax and the synergistic, comprehensive nutrition of our whole-food concentrate TrioMax, and your body will have just the right combination of energy and nutrition it needs to activate its self-healing mechanism, capable of tackling any intruders!

Each of our superfood all natural juice powders can be purchased online. In addition to providing exceptional convenience, the juice used in all of our superfood powders is extracted and dried at low temperatures to ensure that critical heat sensitive nutrients and living enzymes are fully retained. Plus, we never use any artificial ingredients, colors, fillers or sweeteners, so you can feel confident that you are getting the closest thing to fresh squeezed juice available in a portable, dried powder form!

So, when juicing is not an option, pack the next best source of incredible nutrition right in your pocket or purse, ready to be mixed and enjoyed whenever and wherever you are! For more information on each of these incredible juice powders, visit our website and see for yourself just how easy portable nutrition can be! Carrot, Beet, Barley or the Trio can set you up to stay well and keep your immune system going as you dig into that sand castle, play volleyball or go hiking in that wild woods. Besides bug spray, you really don’t need to pack anything else!


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