Why Be A Health Minister?

Why Be A Health Minister?

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With two Health Minister Training sessions coming up at Hallelujah Acres International Headquarters in Gastonia, North Carolina during the months of June and July (click here for info), I thought it would be of interest to share some information from some Health Minister applications as to the reason they are coming for training and what improvements they have experienced in their health as a result of adopting the Hallelujah Diet:
“Before my doctor introduced me to the Hallelujah Diet I had an ongoing pain in my knees and I couldn’t sit for any length of time. Shortly after making the diet change I began feeling better. Now it is two years since that diet change and I can walk five miles in a little over an hour at the age of 74. I have also lost 15 pounds since the diet change and I am happier and more energetic. “I am coming to Health Minister Training because I want to share this diet with my friends and relations who have health problems and are dependent on their drugs. I want to tell them that there is a way out of their sickness and dependence on the drugs they are taking. I want them to be healthy like I am now healthy. Certainly simply changing ones diet and lifestyle is much easier and less costly than going the doctor route and taking all those drugs! The more I learn about this Hallelujah Diet the more excited I get about helping others.” ~ Ester D., Grants Pass, Oregon
“After dealing with my husband’s health problems for years, along with my own health issues of diabetes, arthritis, periodontal disease, knee problems and surgery, along with weight issues, I felt there was no hope. I was desperate as I was unable to help my husband or myself with our health issues. I knew God was the only answer after we had tried the doctor’s advice without improvements. And so I became desperate in my prayer life. One morning in my quiet time after praying that most sincere prayer, I felt I should leave it for God to show me a solution. Oh, I had tried many diets before but nothing seemed to work. Shortly after turning my burden over to God to show me the way, I was surfing the net and found the Hallelujah Acres website. For months after that I kept getting information from Hallelujah Acres but was not really paying much attention. Then one day we were on a road trip to Greenville, South Carolina and I suggested to my husband we extend our trip one more day to check out Hallelujah Acres. We found the people at Hallelujah Acres very friendly, helpful and the store intriguing. That visit to Hallelujah Acres was the beginning of God answering my prayer and the beginning of our new diet and lifestyle. As a result of this diet and lifestyle change I have been able to cut way back on my diabetic medication, my knee is recovering and I am walking better every day and I have lost 20 pounds. My doctor is amazed with our health improvements and happy about our new diet and lifestyle. I now have hope and am so glad that in my desperate need I asked God in prayer to show me the way to health and He answered my prayer. “I am 68 years old and have studied nutrition before, but after personally experiencing how wonderfully the Hallelujah Diet can improve one’s health, I want to learn more so that I can help others understand that by simple diet and lifestyle changes they can improve their health. That is why I want to come for Health Minister Training. I see such a great need to pass on these great Biblical principles that are not being taught in the church. I want to help fellow Christians to have not only a healthy soul, but a healthy body as well.” ~ Jerrie R., Clermont, Florida
Bobby, Jerrie's husband, is also attending Health Minister Training!
“My wife found the Hallelujah Acres website and when we were in Greenville, South Carolina one day, suggested we visit Hallelujah Acres. After the visit we decided to change our diet and lifestyle. When I was younger I developed diabetes and for many years I struggled to control it. Finally my doctor set me up with an insulin pump. I thought that would be the solution for my diabetic problems, but it was not. I was on the insulin pump using 150 units of insulin a day and during that time I developed neuropathy (a side effect of diabetes). I also had arthritis which had pain in my hips and legs which made it very hard to walk. At the age of 74, As a result of adopting the Hallelujah Diet my insulin intake has been cut back to 50 units per day. I now no longer have headaches, have more energy than I have had in years, and have lost 25 pounds in just 5-months. My doctor is very pleased with my progress. I say Hallelujah!” The reason I want to come to Health Minister Training is because if the Hallelujah Diet can help me, it can help others. I want to help others understand this new life. A part of the ministry as a deacon in the church that I am a member of is to pray for people who come for prayer for sicknesses. I want to know how to present the Hallelujah Diet so that I can help people heal their physical problems." ~ Bobby R., Clermont, Florida

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