We Call It Inside-Out Sunscreen

We Call It Inside-Out Sunscreen

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Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? And just like all other organs, the health of your skin has a lot to do with the kinds of foods you eat. When you eat fried or processed foods, for example, all the negative aspects of those foods travel through the body and end up affecting your skin, just as they affect the health of your other organs and arteries along the way. The negative aspects of these foods render the skin powerless against protecting itself from the sun's rays. Burning happens more readily, and skin damage ensues. Dr. Marc Sorenson, author of Vitamin D and Solar Power for Optimal Health, explains:
"Animal fats and processed polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) easily combine with oxygen to create free radicals in a process called lipid peroxidation. When these fats are eaten, some end up in the skin. If subjected to sunlight, they may create the damage that causes some skin cancer.”

On the flipside, healthy foods can actually protect your skin from the inside out. Specifically, dark green foods loaded with chlorophyll — like BarleyMax Original — are especially helpful when you're out in the sun! Chlorophyll is the green pigment that is found in green plants; it protects green plants from burning in the summer sun. It works the same way in the human body. When we consume chlorophyll in the form of BarleyMax or leafy greens on a regular basis, creates a barrier in our skin to the sun's ultraviolet rays. It makes a lot of sense when you consider that skin cancer rates have increased in step with the increased prevalence of packaged foods instead of garden greens at dinnertime. So how does it work? Chlorophyll is a rich source of antioxidants, so it prevents your cells from absorbing carcinogens that damage your DNA and contribute to cancer. Incidentally, in lab tests, chlorophyll-rich BarleyMax has been shown to protect human DNA. In fact, chlorophyll has even been used in the treatment of skin cancer.

So, before you head to the beach, eat your greens and try BarleyMax - Mint Flavor to load your body with chlorophyll! And remember, since this may be your first time in the sun this summer, take it easy. Your skin, though it may be more resilient with some help from chlorophyll, will still burn with overexposure. Heed the advice of Dr. Marc Sorenson to limit your time in the sun at first and build up a healthy tan without burning. One more thing... having a tan is indeed "healthy." In fact, Dr. Marc Sorenson says "A tan is your best defense against melanoma."

How do you get your chlorophyll? Comment below!

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