Another Weapon to Use in the Cancer War

Another Weapon to Use in the Cancer War

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What is the one word in the English language that can instill fear in nearly everyone? Taxes? Bankruptcy? Layoffs? No, the word is “Cancer.” Nearly everyone has been either personally or tangentially affected by cancer. 50% of all men and 30% of women in the United States will get cancer in their lifetime.

Realizing that the odds may not be in our favor, it has been the goal of Hallelujah Acres to teach people how to best improve their odds by changing their diets and lifestyles. In the spirit of that endeavor, Hallelujah Acres introduces an exciting new book that speaks clearly and concisely in language that nearly everyone can understand.

The book is called Unravel the Mystery: A Simple, Effective Approach to Beating Cancer.  This book elaborates on the precepts that are the foundation of Hallelujah Acres: Disease is caused by two things: Deficiency and Toxicity. It’s author, Ann Malkmus ensured that it was evidence based both in the toxin descriptions as well as defining the nutritional needs for someone who is battling cancer. In the book, she identifies toxins that most of us are exposed to on a daily basis. What sets this book apart is Ann's ability to provide suggestions for ways to minimize those dangerous toxins by incorporating changes that are subtle, not expensive and don’t even take much time. What an inspiring way to learn how to create a more toxic free environment!

As she worked with specialists in the field, Ann created guidelines that have never been seen before regarding diet and supplementation. She also created several downloadable worksheets that will guide the person on their daily juicing schedule and nutritional recommendations as well as lifestyle changes. She created a Cancer Recovery List that anyone battling this disease should be following. With all of the good intended but misguided recommendations that people receive once they get a diagnosis it is difficult to distinguish what is real and what is just a waste of precious time and money. This list targets the areas of concern that need to be addressed immediately. There is even a chapter on how to discuss with an oncologist how to use this diet while participating in conventional treatments. Studies and expert testimony will help convince them that maintaining high nutritional standards while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation can greatly reduce the debilitating side effects as well as significantly increase survival rates.

With nearly 400 pages of cutting edge information backed with nearly 200 studies and suggestions and positive recommendations, this book will be valuable to not only those who are already in the cancer battle, but also to those who never want to enter into that war. Others who have serious life-threatening illness would do well to read this book. The toxins that cause cancer are known to cause numerous other illnesses and diseases. If only people could see that the power of their future health is really in their own homes, cars, medicine cabinets, minds and refrigerators!

Unravel the Mystery by Ann Malkmus clearly explains where the power is if people are willing to make the simple, easy changes. Ann also created a companion recipe book for those battling cancer, Unravel the Mystery - The Companion Recipe Book. Together, these two books offer everything a person needs to be armed and ready to defeat this disease once and for all, and they are available in a convenient Unravel the Mystery Book Bundle too!

Although it isn’t easy, the best approach to take is realizing that where there is breath there is hope. We encourage you to explore these new books and share them with your friends. We hope it will open their minds and change their lives. That is what Hallelujah Acres is all about.

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