Stem Cells, Hot Flashes, and More!

Stem Cells, Hot Flashes, and More!

In a recent Health Tip, I wrote on the subject “Stem Cells – How They Help the Elderly Grow Old Healthy.” Apparently that article was much appreciated according to the email responses I received!
“Thank you for your splendid stem cell article. It is supportive in your efforts to enlighten all of us in our quest to healthy longevity.” ~ Marjorie L.
“Thank you for the marvelous explanation of how the body heals itself! One more testimony to the incredible wisdom God used when creating our physical bodies.” ~ S. M.
Then there was this nice testimony from a woman who tried our recently introduced Luminology product for menopause symptoms:
“I am writing today to express my gratitude and excitement over the results that I am receiving from taking the new Luminology Breeze formula. For more than a decade I have suffered with horrible insomnia related to menopause and for the last 2 years I have had terrible hot flashes. Both of these symptoms of menopause have negatively affected my quality of life. I have tried every product out there to help me sleep and relieve these issues from valerian root, passionflower, ashwagandha, melatonin, natural progesterone from the naturopath, etc., with very little improvement if any. When I received the email introducing the new Luminology line, I was so excited. I just knew that this would be a quality product coming from Hallelujah Acres. So I wasted no time in purchasing it. I want to say that I have been taking it faithfully every night, just two capsules for about 2-3 weeks max. In just about a week’s time I began to notice that my hot flashes not only diminished, but that they altogether disappeared! Praise the Lord! And I only awaken once or twice in the night, whereas before I was awaking anywhere from four to eight times a night. I feel like a new person! I cannot tell you how grateful and amazed I am. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing this product. Thank you for always serving me with professionalism, care and integrity.” ~ Claire S.
I’ll end this week’s letters with this testimony:
“After a year of breast cancer, surgery, chemo and radiation I was bloated, weak and tired so I purchased Rev. Malkmus’ book ‘The Hallelujah Diet’ and adopted the diet. It has been a little over two months since I adopted the Hallelujah Diet and I have lost 13 pounds, fast walk an hour a day, and feel wonderful. Sharing what I have learned has been rewarding already. My two daughters have lost weight and have changed their eating habits. Also a man in my church has lost 15 pounds and now has a newfound lifestyle. Praise the Lord!” ~ Kathleen C., Lake Worth, Florida

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