Sidney’s Mexican Tortilla

Sidney’s Mexican Tortilla

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This vegan tortilla recipe comes from Sidney who writes: "I would like to offer an alternative to Carol's Veggie Tortilla. Mine has a Southwestern or Mexican flavor.


whole-grain corn tortilla
vegetarian refried beans
sliced tomato
purple onion
alfalfa sprouts


1. I use a whole-grain corn tortilla and soften it with a few quick turns on a hot pan.
2. Onto the tortilla I spread a layer of vegetarian refried beans that are salsa flavored (if that combination is not available, just add fresh raw salsa atop the beans) and then put on the chopped and/or sliced tomato, avocado, and purple onion.
3. I top it all with cilantro or alfalfa sprouts, roll it as best I can (it's really stuffed by this time) and just savor the flavor.

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