Raw Veggie Burgers

Raw Veggie Burgers

A Hallelujah Diet classic! No one makes raw veggie burgers like Rhonda Malkmus — unless you follow her recipe, that is. This recipe is loved by families across the country. Try at your house! Raw Veggie Burgers


1 large red (sweet) onion
1 large red pepper
3 medium carrots
1 small head cauliflower
1 large celery rib
1 cup walnuts (soaked 12 hours & drained)
1 cup sunflower seeds (soaked 6 hours & drained)
¼ cup sesame seeds (soaked 6 hours & drained)
3 garlic cloves (peeled)
1 tsp Celtic or Himalayan salt (or to taste)
1 tsp dried cumin
½ cup fresh sage, oregano, thyme or cilantro leaves (any combination of to equal ½ cup)


1. Process all ingredients through a Champion or Greenstar juicer with blank in place, or in a food processor with an "S" blade.
2. Form patties 1/2-inch thick and place on a dehydrator tray covered with a Teflex (solid) sheet.
3. Dehydrate in an Excalibur dehydrator at 105 degrees for 8-12 hours.
4. Pull tray out, cover with another dehydrator tray (without a Teflex sheet) and flip over. Remove the original dehydrator tray and peel off the Teflex sheet.
5. Continue to dehydrate for 4-5 more hours or until desired texture is obtained.

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