Karen's Gourmet Roasted Vegetables

Karen's Gourmet Roasted Vegetables

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The following recipe was sent to me by Karen E.: "Dear Rev. Malkmus: I make this dish to serve with a large salad at dinner. It is one of my husband's favorites." Let's learn how to make Karen's Gourmet Roasted Vegetables, which brings the colors of the rainbow to your plate and offers nourishing vegan food that delight both the palate and soul. These beautifully roasted vegetables are perfect for creating wholesome vegan meals that the entire family will love. Let's get cooking.


Baby Carrots


Sweet Onions

Red Potatoes – but Yukon Gold's are best

Sweet Potatoes

Fennel (optional)

Several heads of Garlic

Olive Oil

Italian Seasoning

Fresh Rosemary


(No quantities were given for this recipe, so adjust according to your family's size.) Cut vegetables in large pieces. Toss all vegetables, except for the garlic, in olive oil and Italian seasoning to taste. For roasting, I use a large cast iron skillet. Place Garlic in middle and pour some olive oil over the Garlic. Arrange other vegetables around the garlic. Scatter sprigs of fresh rosemary over the vegetables, perhaps pulling the leaves off of some to release the flavor. Cover the skillet loosely and roast in a 400-degree oven for approximately one hour. To be most enjoyable, vegetables should be completely done, but still slightly firm. ENJOY!

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