Raw Soup Base

Raw Soup Base

Here is a version of raw soup, and we find it a very quick and satisfying meal.


2 inches of a Cucumber
3 Tomatoes
6-10 Almonds


1. In a blender or food processor with the S blade, place almonds and process to course consistency.
2. Add tomatoes and cucumber to almonds and again process.
3. This becomes the soup base.
4. Using this base, you can make broccoli soup by adding some broccoli.
5. Or asparagus soup by adding asparagus.
6. Some distilled water will usually become necessary in order to make into a soup consistency.
7. As you can see, you can use what is in the fridge to vary your soups.
8. I often add some chopped carrots and celery to the soups.
9. For seasoning, a little garlic and spring onion add flavor.
10. Add your favorite herbs, and sun dried tomatoes are a nice addition.
11. A dash of cayenne pepper gives a warm feeling in winter.
12. The soup can also be warmed, but not cooked, if you prefer your soup not to be cold in the wintertime." ENJOY!

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