Fruit and Flax Smoothie

Fruit and Flax Smoothie from Frances

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This recipe comes from Frances Saucer, the 72-year-old lady whose testimony we featured in last week's Health Tip #305, who had recovered from a crushed hip on The Hallelujah Diet. By sticking to a biblical diet plan and eating raw (especially a lot of raw fruits and vegetables), Frances is able to stay healthy! Here we're sharing one of her favorite vegan raw recipes, full of delightful fruits and a high protein raw vegan ingredient, flax seed. This smoothie will have you saying, "Eat raw live long!"


10 - 12 ripe Bananas

1 cup Blueberries (frozen or fresh)

1-2 cups sliced Peaches (fresh or frozen)

1/2 cup Flax Seed (ground)


Grind flax seed and set aside. Peel bananas and process in food processor until smooth. With processor still running add blueberries and then peaches a few at a time until well blended. Stop processor, remove lid, and pour in flax seed. Process until well blended. Label and freeze in individual serving-size containers with tight fitting lids (about 1 cup each).

Variation: Add 2 cups of raw old-fashioned rolled oats and process just until well mixed. Oats will soften in storage.

May be used as a between-meal snack or for lunch. Thaw in refrigerator overnight before consuming. DELICIOUS and SATISFYING!

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