Cathy’s Yummy Smoothie

Cathy’s Yummy Smoothie

This recipe comes from Cathy W. a subscriber to this weekly Health Tip: "Here is a yummy smoothie recipe that my sister-in-law and I stumbled upon yesterday for our noon meal."

Get ready for one of the best vegan lunch ideas! Cathy's Yummy Smoothie is an afternoon delight, filled with delicious, fresh fruits and raw vegan protein sources like flax seeds and almonds. Frothy and yummy - this smoothie hits the spot! 


1 Banana

1 Nectarine (or peach) peeled

2 teaspoons Flax Seed

1 handful of raw Almonds

1 cup Orange juice (not from concentrate)

2 cups distilled Water

1 tablespoon UDO's oil


Blend well in blender. It is frothy and really yummy. ENJOY!

NOTE: Raw, fresh squeezed orange juice should be used to qualify for 4 stars.

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