Blueberry Pico De Gallo

Blueberry Pico de Gallo

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If you are a Mexican food connoisseur, you’re probably a big Pico de Gallo fan. Restaurants carry their own particular versions of this staple, some with jalapenos, some with green or red peppers or both, avocado can be added. We’re not sure who came up with the idea of using blueberries in this notorious dish, but it certainly was a great idea. Here’s a version that we love, that makes a great summer dip, or can even stand on its own as a salad bowl… no lettuce required.


6 Tbsp. chopped onion
1 cup blueberries, whole
1 medium tomato chopped
About 1 cup cilantro leaves, or amount to taste (Not packed down in cup at all.)
2 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
2 pinches of unrefined salt
About ¼ lemon, cut in a wedge, seeds removed


1. Coarsely chop cilantro leaves, this greatly reduces their volume.
2. Place all ingredients, except lemon wedge, in a bowl, in the order given.
3. Squeeze the juice from the wedge overtop ingredients.
4. Stir all together and shout ole.

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