Which Season Are You In?

Which Season Are You In?

Hi everyone, this is Ann. Today, as I am looking out our window from the Piedmont in North Carolina, I see blooming daffodils, blossoming trees and green grass among the budding trees. Spring is by far my favorite season. It symbolizes new growth and fresh beginnings. As I reflect on the seasons in nature, I am reminded of the similarities they have with the seasons of life. We are born into a family, we grow to have families of our own and then, we enter a season where we begin to see changes taking place within our bodies that we don’t fully understand. We know we have a full life left to live, but we are hindered by the brain fog, mood swings, night sweats, lack of focus and energy that we had enjoyed for most of our adult life. We just want to continue to enjoy life knowing we have entered yet another season. Paul and I became grandparents just three years after we buried our youngest son. We know that seasons can bring tears of joy and of pain. While we were spending those years looking after our son, we learned what true care giving was all about. Soon after our son passed, I found myself depressed, irritable, unusual menstrual cycles, with no sexual interest and definitely not the energetic woman I had always been. After a couple of blood tests, I learned the reason: I had entered into the season of menopause. I was quite taken by surprise. I had been on the Hallelujah Diet for many years, so why was I having these hot flashes? The stresses of life can take out more than most people realize. Year after year of dealing with Life’s issues and anxieties can reduce our hormones to levels that are undecipherable. Having spoken with women from all over the world, I have learned that one of their primary complaints as they were nearing or over the age of 50 was linked to hormonal imbalances. If you have read my recently released book, Unravel the Mystery: a Simple Effective Approach to Beating Cancer, you read how toxins in our environment impact our hormone levels. You can see where we women are at a great disadvantage when it comes to living in a world of toxins. Our poor bodies seem to be most vulnerable to them. So, not only does stress deal a blow to our hormones but also the environmental toxins that we are exposed to throughout every day take their toll on us. We pulled our research team together including Olin Idol and Michael Donaldson along with others and through our collective research, we created something that little did we know, would be more effective than we had ever imagined! We combined some extremely powerful herbs and vitamins along with other impressive plants and then designed one of our greatest tests that we have ever done to date to see how it would work on women from various stages of peri- to post- menopause. After several weeks on the product, their feedback was astonishing! They loved it! Their husbands loved it! After the test was complete, we immediately received calls and e-mails asking when we would get this product out for them. They wanted to continue using the product even though it wasn’t available. We found that there are more women than we realized who have taken the best of care feeding and nourishing their bodies but still, could not get to the level of normalcy they needed after their hormones began to decline. Normal reduction in hormones in women during their 40’s and older is expected. What we have found is that the symptoms that follow can be rather devastating and disruptive to our lives and those of our families. The new product that we designed has no additional hormones in it. Rather, the synergistic blend of ingredients maintains and utilizes the existing hormones that the body has resulting in the reduction of those unpleasant symptoms helping us to realize a life that sees the sunshine rather than just the clouds. We chose to create a name that oversees these products. We called it Luminology—The Science of Her. Three different products for each area of the season of Menopause: Peri-Menopause—Balance Menopause—Breeze Post Menopause—Clarity I am delighted to present to women, who like myself, have had to take life in stride, a product that rather than just helps you“endure” this next season, will help you “embrace” the time in your life where you really are in control, where the light of day brings you energy and vitality, and your nights are filled with sleep and not sweat! May you enjoy this next season as you follow the road towards optimal health!

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