Searching For and Finding Hormone Balance

Searching For and Finding Hormone Balance

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You’re reading this most likely because you are searching for answers. You have a few health issues, but you’re not really sick. You’re just not as well as you used to be. Some of the symptoms are hard to relate to anything, like migraine headaches. Sure, you’ve identified some of your triggers, but why now? You didn’t use to have headaches like this. And trouble sleeping. Sure, you had trouble when your kids were little, but they don’t bother you anymore at night. Now, you wake up in the middle of the night and sleep just evades you. Or you can’t unwind and fall asleep at night. And mood swings, feeling down. Not all the time, but sometimes life is just overwhelming and it’s too much. Of course, there is the little extra weight, or maybe, if we’re truthful, it’s more than just a little. It just doesn’t go away as easily as it used to. That scale is no longer your friend, and you glare at it. Doesn’t this happen to every other women, too? It does, and in your social circle, you know you’re not alone in this search. We know you are searching and asking for help. We’ve been listening and Ann has been asking our team to come up with a solution for women. As she entered her late 40s she realized that the Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle was not enough to manage all of the symptoms she was feeling. She learned that the symptoms she had were all related to her hormones being out of balance. There are actually a lot of symptoms related to hormones. It includes a lot more than just hot flashes and night sweats. You know it also includes painful breasts at times, painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness, and overall a lower sex drive. But the stubborn weight gain, the migraine headaches, moodiness and depression, foggy thinking and memory problems, thinning hair, thin or dry skin, debilitating fatigue, and a red flush on your face or brown spots on your face often are related to hormone balance as well.

We know that you are searching for answers, and you’ve tried a few natural remedies already. But you’re still searching. You want to avoid hormone replacement therapy, but some days it does sound pretty good. Finally, after a very careful process of formulation, selection of the highest quality maca, preliminary testing with a few people, and more formal testing with 51 women, followed by package design and product support literature, we have a very good solution to offer to you. Luminology is a natural health product that was formulated with adaptogenicmaca, cycle-normalizing vitex berry, estrogen-metabolite-correcting DIM, hormone-building-block phytosterols, along with immune-supporting zinc and lipid free-radical quenching pyridoxal 5-phosphate, a bioactive form of vitamin B6. Why no hormones? Why no wild yam, or dong quai, or cohosh, or isoflavones, or other ingredients known to help with supplying hormone relief? We teach and believe in God’s miraculous self-healing body. If we provide the building blocks it needs and get toxins out of the way, then your body will be healthy. Basically, we trust in God’s creation more than our own wisdom. So, we don’t want to just throw estrogenic herbs at the body and hope that it will work. It can be futile supplying all of the necessary hormones at just the right time in the right amounts. If the foundation is weak, the externally provided hormones won’t be very effective. We wanted to go deeper, to support the health of your whole endocrine system which underlies the production of sex hormones. And maca is key to that support. Maca is a very special cruciferous vegetable. It only grows naturally in one location in the whole world—in the Andean plateaus of Peru, between 12,000 and 14,000 feet above sea level. Hardly anything grows up there. But maca does, and when people eat it, not only do they survive in that severe climate, but they thrive. Maca is what is called an adaptogen-helping you adapt to stress, both physical and emotional, to bring you back into balance. It will affect premenopausal women one way, and affect postmenopausal women another way, bringing you into balance no matter which way out of balance you find yourself. Vitex berry is another key ingredient. It supports the production of progesterone, as needed, but it does not contain any hormones in itself. Vitex berry is great for normalizing menstrual cycles, whether they are too short or too long. Again, an adaptive effect, depending on what you need. The maca and vitex berry together cover a wide range of the symptoms caused by hormone imbalances. The phytosterols help provide building blocks for creating hormones. If your body is in short supply, they will get used for that purpose, but it won’t force hormones on you that might not be appropriate. Again, we trust the God-endued wisdom in your body. Now, that all sounds good, but how do you know that this is worth trying? We asked ourselves that question, too. It was important to us to know if we had the effective answer that Ann was looking for, and to know more about how much to take. So, we asked some of our customers with hormone imbalance symptoms to try out the product and fill out questionnaires for 8 weeks. Overall, the supplement was quite helpful, but for women right around menopause (ages about 46-52 years in this group) the results were dramatic. In this group of 13 women, among the women who initially had symptoms, there was significant improvements in over 80 percent of them who reported vaginal dryness/painful intercourse, 86% with hot flashes, 88% with night sweats, 60% with foggy thinking/memory problems, 100% with insomnia, 80% with depression/anxiety/weepiness/mood swings, 78% with low sex drive, 80% with painful breasts/fibrocystic breasts, 73% with intolerance to exercise/debilitating fatigue, and 88% with migraine headaches. Overall 11 of these 13 women experiences significant symptomatic relief during this 8-week trial, often within the first month. For younger women there were significant improvements in migraines, insomnia, night sweats, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and low libido. About two-thirds of the younger women found significant relief. About half of the older women had significant improvement in their symptoms. So, yes, it does work. Luminology may help you feel “alive” again. You can regain some of that lost youthfulness, zest for life, balance, and clarity. Luminology might be just what you have been searching for, but didn’t know how to find. Until now.

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