"My Doctor Said, 'No Hope!'"

"My Doctor Said, 'No Hope!'"

Kathy had severe osteoarthritis, but her doctors gave her "no hope" of recovering. Instead, they just recommended drugs for the pain. Ironically, she made just one simple change in her diet, and her life began to change...
“Dear Rev. Malkmus, What a wonderful change in our health has resulted from our learning about Hallelujah Acres and applying your teachings. I had osteoarthritis of the tailbone and riding, walking or just sitting was very painful. Doctors offered me no hope of recovering from the problem other than offering drugs for the pain. Once I began drinking BarleyMax and BeetMax, along with a basically raw, plant-based diet, my tailbone pain left! Not only that, but my diabetic A1C was 8.6 before the diet change and its down to 7. Now I can walk and ride and sit without pain. I mean I have zero pain. Before the diet change I carried a pillow to help my pain but nothing helped, but the diet change did. I never fail to eat my greens and take my BarleyMax every day. Since the diet change my son has lost 2 jean sizes and is seeing healthier skin. I fix my son broccoli with a variety every evening after work. He is making much better food choices now and is happy with his weight loss. My husband has lost 40 pounds on the Hallelujah Diet and brought his high blood pressure down so much he no longer has to take his high blood pressure pills. I no longer take any medication either! I’m learning that it takes time to heal what I messed up and I love the living foods I have been eating.” ~ Kathy S.
“Hello George, As a new Hallelujah Acres Health Minister I wanted you to know that I have found all the information that you and your staff provide to be outstanding, long term, much needed, invaluable, teachable information that needs to be brought to the people around the world to educate them on ‘God’s Way to Healthy Eating’ for life! And as we continue to reach people with the healthy eating message and people get to know us, they come to us for answers for life and reassurance for staying healthy and strong. God has a plan for you as well as all of us who wish to help His people. Therefore we can never truly retire! We can think we can or will, but helping Gods people live a healthier life is in our blood! So keep strong Brother George! We need you even if you are 80 years old! And we need Rhonda too, and Paul and Ann.” ~ Andrea V.
“Dear George, I hope all is well and by the way I thank you for what you all are doing. Not many church folks are building up the temple of God which is sad and opens the door for the enemy and causes them to become sick. If there is any way I can help please let me know. I starting the Hallelujah Diet along with drinking lots of vegetable juices 30 days ago and the positive results are unbelievable. I am trying to build an awareness in the churches about this here Miami. Miami is a place that needs you if you can ever get a chance to do a seminar down here. Please let me know if you can come to our city.” ~ Jeremiah M.

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